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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taylor Hicks & The Bogus American Music Awards

The American Music Awards are a popularity contest, always have been, always will be. It's awards are not based on talent, ground-breakers or respect from peers. It's based on the votes cast by people who buy and listen to the dreck that populates the Top 40 charts - the winners won by on-line voting. Look at who's on that nomination list - Fergie? Justin Timberlake? Beyonce? Daughtry? (a blantant copy-cat rip-off of another no talent band Nickleback.) God help me - what has happened to real music? Where are the pioneers? The passion? The talent? It's an atrocity.

I know one thing though. If Taylor Hicks made music (and I use that term in the most general of terms) like these people I just mentioned, I wouldn't be a fan. You see, he walks a different path - a road less traveled - not a cow that follows the herd. How wonderful that we are on that road with him.

I suspect and hope he will continue on with his own vision of soul and blues on his own terms - on the next CD, and each CD after that, and in concert, regardless if it is or isn't in vogue at the moment. The flavor of the month. Remember he said he wants HIS voice heard - not a copycat of what's already out there. He's stubborn and independent and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I really think eventually, discerning music listeners will begin to realize the talent that is Taylor Hicks and his time will come down the long musical road, I have no doubt about that. It may not be with the Top 40 crowd, but I suspect he will get the respect from those who share his musical vision - a vision based in truth, sincerity and honesty.

If you are already aboard this ship, pat yourself on the back. And if you're not, I feel sorry for you. Open your ears and try to broaden your musical horizons and understand what other music is out there - music that touches the soul.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you. If you haven't already, check his out

The movie is great and on point.