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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taylor Hicks - New Interview with Rounder Magazine

Here's a fairly recent (August '07) interview Taylor Hicks gave to Rounder Magazine! Nice, candid questions and answers! Enjoy!

He did it!. Taylor Hicks had the idea that if he tried out for American Idol, he could maybe gain some exposure for his music. Well unless you were under a rock for the past year and a half or just don't watch television at all, you should have been exposed a little by now. If you have only seen him on tv though, you are not getting the whole Taylor. The music really is what moves this "former" American Idol and a whole night of music from Taylor Hicks with his hand picked band is what can truly define him for you. There are a lot of chances to see him in August. His calendar is packed full of shows all over the country this month. Darlene's been lucky enough to see him perform many times and she feels really lucky to be able to bring ya'll an interview she got with her friend Taylor Hicks for August Rounder.

Darlene: Do you play Poker?
Taylor: Don't play poker. Sometimes I do play Blackjack. I like playing the casinos because I get to play blackjack afterwards.

Darlene: What is the difference in the shows at the different kinds of venues...like the bigger vs. the smaller?
Taylor: The smaller, the more intricate the music becomes. I definitely enjoy small venues.

Darlene: Any one who has seen you perform has seen you take it to that special level of 'Soul'. I remember one time seeing you just go crazy on the stage at WorkPlay. After the show, I was like "Wow! that was amazing,Taylor." You told me you had felt God going through you. How do you get to that 'true moment'? Are you concentrating...meditating or is it like you letting yourself go?
Taylor: It is definitely about just letting myself go. I have to get into a certain mode and then I just let go.

Darlene: I have to say I loved your song 'Soul Thing' from the first time I heard it. How did that song come to you?
Taylor: I guess I just started with the hook and built the song around the hook.

Darlene: Are there plans for another cd in the works yet.? How is your inspiration these days?
Taylor: Yes, I am definitely looking ahead to the next album. I am inspired at the concept of working with a very talented group of songwriters.

Darlene: Is there any new music you have been checking out lately that you want to shamelessly plug...anyone or certain cd?
Taylor: I love Amy Winehouse right now. (check website www.amywinehouse.co.uk She is a sweet soul singer from the UK and she is awesome)

Darlene: Are you able to get blown away by anything these days? You must have seen so much. Anything shock you lately?
Taylor: Getting picked up on the jet-way to be driven on the runway to baggage claim. I felt really cool.

Darlene: You are truly one of the biggest stars in the world right now. You're part of our Pop Culture and History. How does that make you feel? Do you think about it?
Taylor: I am very excited and blown away myself. It is a humbling feeling, but also gets me so excited sometimes I just kind of laugh in disbelief.

Taylor's autobiography 'Heart Full of Soul' was released by Random House July 10th, and you can even get it on itunes now and listen to Taylor tell his story. His self titled cd hit the charts on Dec 12 in 2006 debuting at the number two spot on the U.S. Billboard top 200 chart. The album of what Taylor calls "Modern Womp" music mixes soul, blues, funk and Cajun influences with a contemporary twist that will be a welcome addition to any one's music collection. Taylor Hicks is a really wonderfully genuine musician with plenty more music left in him. Superstardom doesn't seem to have changed him much accept that he is even more busy now that he used to be and well, I bet he has more guitars. Darlene has a lot of respect for this hard working guy who took a not so conventional avenue to gain some exposure for his music. He did it...and yeah...We are proud!


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