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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taylor Hicks - Misconceptions Galore!

A statement was made by USA Today columnist Ken Barnes on Nov. 20th that blatantly said: "The major failure for a winner would have to be Taylor Hicks." His music doesn't fit into the heavily niche radio format. He was very stubborn about the record he wanted to do."

Well now isn't that special!

If it wasn't for that obligatory nasty comment, I could almost read that as a compliment! Imagine someone actually recording an album HE wanted to do regardless if it fit into a "heavily niche radio format"! Wow! The gall of some people! Heh!

The truth of the matter, and that's what we specialize in here, is that Taylor has had a pretty good year - okay a great year, by any standard. Headlined 3 tours - one with the American idol tour, and 2 solo headlining tours (which garnered mostly good reviews). He's authored and published a very successful memoir, graced major golf pro/am tournaments, sang at the NBA and Nascar finals, acquired a platinum album, lent his time and name to major charities, and has been seen on more TV shows and private events that I can even remember at this point. Now I ask you, how is this a "major failure"? I guess there's no pleasing some people, eh?

Hopefully, he'll be able to turn some misguided perceptions (and Ken Barnes is not the only one who is guilty of these) around with a kick ass album the next time around and shut some of these naysayers up. Oh what a happy day that will be!


about time said...

Have always thought that Barnes walks a very fine line with Taylor and this is no exception.
He seems to admire him but yet Barnes is such a tool of the pop culture world that he cannot bring himself to just flat out praise anything or anyone that refuses to fit the current "mold".

Nice site. Am enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

here we have again someone who hasn't a clue of what Taylor is all about. It's sad really -- has no idea ow what he's missing.

I'm also getting real tired of people dissing him beause they can only see their names"in Lights" when they are nasty and petty.
Listen to his CD--He's so much more than just AI he's himself and that what we all admire and love.


more that you ever hoped for!!