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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Taylor Hicks Dines in Washington D.C.

Nice to see our boy relaxing a bit on his well deserved creative break/hiatus. The new year is sure to bring us lots of Taylor goodies! A new album! A new tour! A new DVD! and, and, and....

From the Washington Post:
Taylor Hicks -- yes, the prematurely gray dude who won "American Idol" last year -- dining with three others at BLT Steak Saturday night. Told the manager he was just visiting D.C. friends on his days off.


skeeter226 said...

I am very happy that Taylor is able to relax and get out with friends during his time off. "Heaven Knows" he deserves it!

I love your blog Griz....and THANK YOU for putting up "In Your Time" and "Somehow".....Love it.

Des said...

Griz? I've wondered where you've been "since you been gone" (mj's). This blog came up in my Taylor alerts, and I've been reading and just enjoying your blog.

Bookmarked! KUDOS!

Pamela said...

Griz - I haven't been to mj's since the format changed a year ago. What goes on? Do Chrolls still rule? Do you also haunt the other old AI places? Maybe i'm struck with nestalgia for a year ago when we were all awaiting Taylor's album and solo tour. Last Christmas I gave my husband tickets to mardi gras and a new tux. What will I get him this year? ...a power tool?

soulthing said...

Pam: MJ's ego has gotten so big that she chased everyone interesting away from what I can tell. Either you step in line or you're banned. LOL! It's not the place it once was. I think it's going the way of Jordin's CD - down the 'ol drain.

juliegr said...

Hey Griz ~~~ cool blog -- great commentary!

Yesterday there was a sort of blow up on that site related to the CD covers she posted. 4 people commented -- a total of 8 posts -- and all of a sudden Taylor's "obsessive" fans were causing annoying her! lol Go figure!

We got to fight fire with fire! I feel like joining the frey.

soulthing said...

Thanks Skeeter!

Julie - ya I saw that. That prompted me to put even a larger picture of Taylor's album on this blog. LOL! Stay away from MJs blog - this is a much cooler site for us Taylor fans... ;)

JJ said...

Hey Griz, I can't believe you didn't tell me you had a blog. I am so hurt, sniff, sniff.

Des said...

Hi, jj - nice seeing some people here I haven't seen in a long time. I didn't know about griz' blog either until I followed a Taylor alert in my mail the other day.

Nice to read positive things about Taylor here. :)

soulthing said...

JJ! Des! How the heck are ya? I was just looking for some sweat pics to put up! What a coinkidinck! LOL! You can thank MJ in part for this blog - if she isn't going to promote him properly like everyone else, *someone* has to! hehe!! Stick around! :)

Des said...

I'll be here. Really enjoy reading your daily commentary, and the layout is very attractive and easy to follow. I don't participate in, nor usually even read many blogs because they're so cluttered and full of (what I think! LOL) unnecessary 'stuff'!

You have all the right things here, and I hope that we see more of the Taylor fans here that I first 'got to know' at mj's. Obviously, there are still some who don't care that much about Blake and Team Plaid, as evidenced by the absence of a huge chunk of Season 5 fans.

Thank you again for this blog, and I hope it continues to grow as more 'homeless' Taylor fans discover it. :)

CJ said...

Hi Griz,
I love your new site thanks for all the great info you provide. I alway's wondered with all the info you provided us at the boogie why you didn't have your own site. I'm enjoying all the positive reading here!
I too quit MJ's and thought I would drop back by and when I saw how she had all the other CD's except Taylor that was it for me.

juliegr said...

Hey JJ and cj -- I wondered where you went -- glad to see you here. Hope you'll join in more often. As usual, Griz has an eye for the latest 411 on Taylor --- good times!