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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Taylor Hicks/Sting/Bill Withers/Freddie King sing "Ain't No Sunshine"

If you're wondering how much soul Taylor can put into a song, I suggest you listen to his version of the classic "Ain't No Sunshine". Certainly one of the best renditions I've ever heard.

Taylor Hicks sings "Ain't No Sunshine"

Bill Withers sings "Ain't No Sunshine"

STING sings "Ain't No Sunshine"

Freddie King sings "Ain't No Sunshine"

1 comment:

marymagdalene said...


I never knew that STING did a cover of this song, which is quite good...

BUT, my favorite version of this incredible song belongs to Taylor...

Then Bill Withers follows, then Freddie King, and last but not least, Sting...