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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Illegal Bootlegging? No, You Can't Do That!

Lately, there's been a mighty big uproar amongst the die-hards about whether or not fans should have access to amateur recordings and videos from Taylor's upcoming club dates. Well, in my not-so-arrogant opinion, recording & sharing illegal bootleg audio and video is stealing and my advice to those who feel slighted by this latest business decion is to suck it up and get over it - fast! Taylor's music is his *product* whether it's on a CD or he sings it in concert - and he's entitled to get paid for it. There's no freebies and the sense of entitlement that some feel is beyond shocking to me.... yes, he let us record the '07 tour, which was VERY nice of him, but obviously he wants control of his music now and he'll roll it out as HE sees fit and not a moment before - in the form he wants it - the complete studio version. Why is that so hard for people to understand? You aren't entitled to bootleg recordings, for heaven's sake!!! Since when was it *ever* allowed in any concert setting? I've been to hundreds of concerts in my life and each and every one of them clearly stated that there was to be NO recordings and NO cameras. It's been like this forever.

Listen, I'm as anxious as the next person to hear Taylor's awesome new music, but I have NO problem waiting until Jan 27 to get the entire version of the single and NO problem not hearing inferior bootlegs or cellcerts (those give me headaches because the sound quality is soooo bad!) - it's no wonder he doesn't want those floating around as a 'representation' of his new music. God forbid!

Man o man ... everyone has GOT to stick their 2 cents into every syllable, every word, every decision and every move he makes with some major complaint or whine (and if you don't do this then I'm not talking about you). Geeze, people, let the man do his business the way HE sees fit - he's not asking for opinions or a consensus from the masses.

If you don't like the way he's doin' business, his timetables, or his music, please find another artist that you find more suitable that conducts business the way you see fit and stop cluttering up hate blogs with twisted versions of the truth, making up blatant lies and insinuate things that never happened - or make generalizations about the fan base or Taylor himself. How fucking insulting is that? There's a few nutcases out there who pose as fans who are actually the biggest haters on the planet - it's not hard to spot them. Please go post on someone else's message boards - uhm, say, Daughtry or Mcphee's, blog about them and leave Taylor and his fans to simply enjoy the fabulous new music - without juvenile harrassment - that's coming down the pipeline shortly.

The new music will be fabulous!

And that's the way it is.


Anonymous said...

This from someone who is hosting a snippet of his single that isn't even out yet.

Oh, and aren't you the same person who goes on witch hunts down Daughtry and McPhee fans?

Calling people haters for having an opinion other than what fits into your nicely neat hospital cornered built up version of Taylor isn't reality.

You host plenty of bootleg stuff on your own blog. Didn't you cheer on people that got Grease video?

Color yourself hypocrite before you cast stones.

soulthing said...

Hey "anon" genius! Newsflash! This snippet is available online at amazon.com so it IS legally available in is current 30 sec clip. Lightbulb ON!

And you don't like what I said here? That's too fucking bad. This is my blog and I'll say whatever I damn well please. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

I'm so frickin' tired of you mentally ill people who have no lives spreading bullshit about Taylor and his fanbase. And don't give me that crappola about me hosting bootleg stuff - that's another load of horsecrap. No surprise, actually.

This blog is for FANS of Taylor Hicks - not pseudo fans (i.e., haters).

And the final proof of your lameness - you can't even attach a name to your pathetic complaint. Loser.

Stephanie said...

All Taylor owes anyone is a decent cd and a good concert that they pay for PERIOD. He doesn't owe anyone anything else.

If you don't pay then you are not entitled to anything. I will be honest I do enjoy the live performances but understand the business decisions that must be made in these tight economic times. Like the Eagles so eloquently said: Get Over It!

I have never seen an uproar by the "real fans" over a 30 second snippet either. Who the hell rates snippets on Amazon other than a fucking nutcase?

Sweetay said...

I cannot understand how you would think that angry blogs like this would help?

Before you tell everyone else to chill maybe you should step back and chill out yourself.

I am so tired of all the crap. Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

I wish people who are not Taylor fan's would stay off websites that are geared toward his fans. As a Taylor Hicks fan i could care less about what you think of him. If you don't like him, don't buy his stuff,there are plenty of people that will. I agree that people should not have the right to bootleg any artist's music, that is the way they make their living. I have all of Taylor's cd's and have no problem with purchasing his music and upcoming dvd.
beaglemom06 (Sherry)

Trixi said...

I agree totally with what you have to say Griz. People need to grow up and face reality. Taylor has said that on the cd tour he will allow the cameras again.

People need to let Taylor run his own business. It seems apparent that this time he has people looking out for him, and they have a plan. Quit trying to do it for him.

Go back to being a FAN and not his mother, grandmother, business mgr, etc.

soulthing said...

Sweetay - I would love nothing more than not have to post a blog entry like this, but the level of frustration of undeserving criticsm and total disregard for the decision Taylor has made just puts me over the edge - and a rebuttal needs to be said without the feedback of those doing the damage.

Stephanie said...

I'm just shaking my head at all of these supposed adults basically throwing a temper tantrum like a petulant little two year old because they were told no and couldn't have their way.

Shame on all of you who can't see that this is make or break for Taylor. Quit being so damn selfish because it's not all about you at all. This is his career, his life and his business. The music will be released when he sees that it meets his criteria and not a moment before.

I do believe we all can make it for another week or so. If not then maybe you all have deeper issues than you admit.

Sweetay said...

We don't have to wait any longer!

HQ is streaming the whole single! Its really good!

soulthing said...

WOOOOO! As soon as the song is streaming from the non-pay sites, I'll put it up on the player!! GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!