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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taylor Hicks To Include New Music & Hollywood in Future Plans

According to a new interview by the Times Online, speaking about his current career path, Taylor says:

"....He wouldn't change a thing, said Hicks, testing out new songs next weekend at a Lincoln Park club.

"To each his own, "he said. "Everybody has their own particular path they create for themselves. For me, I'm creating my own niche and my own career path.

"Now that he's got his feet wet in acting, that path includes music and Hollywood. His ideal film project: a serious, classy role opposite a serious, classy leading lady. Two Oscar winners top his leading-lady wish list. "From the past, Katharine Hepburn," he said. "The present, Sissy Spacek...."

Taylor as a leading man against a beautiful leading lady on the big screen? I'd swim a mighty big ocean to get to that premiere! Just tell me where and when, eh?

In another "Grease" review, Taylor can add another wonderful kudo to his every growing scrapbook. According to Epoch Times,

"...This version has added songs from the film, "Sandy," "Hopelessly Devoted to You," and "You’re The One That I Want," as well as "Grease.” It also features former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks as "Teen Angel," and he adds a special touch to "Beauty School Dropout" with his harmonica. His role has very little stage time and one song/no lines (yet he is given star billing)...."


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taylorfan06 said...

Hurray to Hollywood... HURRAY to Taylor Reuben Hicks!!!