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Friday, January 16, 2009

Taylor Hicks Plays the "Grand Prize Game" on WGN!

Taylor Hicks was a guest of WGN's Early Morning show in Chicago this morning and relived a childhood dream of his of playing Bozo's "Grand Prize Game" with the shows hosts! He was able to get through bucket 5, but missed on the last one! Awe!!! But, being the charitable guy he always is, he donated $500 for every ball he successfully threw in to the Boys and Girls Clubs in Chicago, so they will receive $2,500 courtesy of Mr. Hicks! Good for him! He received for himself a home edition of the Grand Prize Game and a Bozo Doll which he seemed so thrilled to receive!! It was a very cute segment!

Also, Josh Smith (guitar) and Brian Gallagher (saxophone) accompanied Taylor with an acoustic studio version of "Gonna Move" from the Taylor Hicks album! They sounded fabulous!

Here are some pictures from this morning! Click to enlarge. Enjoy!

With Julianne Hough


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, he looks great with her. Can you imagine him on Dancing with the Stars? How Cool! Thanks for these pictures.

Anonymous said...

He was great, so at ease and able to roll with whatever. I always thought he would do great as a co-host of a music variety/talk show. I guess we never know what Taylor will do next. Go Soul Man!

taylorfan06 said...

Wow! What a GREAT photo gallery of Taylor. Good to see Josh and Brian performing with him. I bet they'll tear it up at Matyr's tomorrow night. Great to see that it SOLD OUT! I wish I could be there. I look forward to GREAT reviews!

taylorfan06 said...

Oh, and yes he does look great with Julianne. A couple of lookers they are, and both very nice. Much success to them.

Trixi said...

Glad to see Josh and Brian. I wonder if they will be part of the shadow tours? I didn't quite recognize Josh with a tie and sweater vest. Not something I ever thought I would see him in.
They sounded great as usual.

Way to make your bozo game a charity event Taylor.. your the man.