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Monday, January 26, 2009

Taylor Hicks New Song - "What's Right Is Right" Available Now on ITunes and Amazon!

Yes fellow Taylor Hicks lovers! The day has finally come! His new single, "What's Right is Right" is now available for you to purchase at either ITunes or Amazon.com. Don't be stingy with your 99 cents - it's a good investment in Taylor's career! Remember, many radio stations determine whether or not to play a song on the strength of downloads, so you'll be helping with radio play as well! So far, I've heard great feedback about the single from people who have listened to it on Taylor's myspace page or his website!

Speaking of radio play, the single has been officially added to 8 Adult Contemporary stations in its debut week, so if you're in earshot of these stations, call and request the single. And even if you don't see your station here, call and request at your local AC or Hot AC station. Many times stations start to play music that has not been officially added, so that's something to consider!

Those stations that added "What's Right Is Right" onto their playlist today were:

WHLG-FM - Ft. Pierce, FL
WRSA-FM - Huntsville, AL
WJKK-FM - Jackson, MS
KKMY-FM - Beaumont, TX
KUMU-FM - Honolulu, HI
KWAV-FM - Salinas, CA
WLNP-FM - Wilkes Barre, PA
WJXB-FM - Knoxville, TN


Crazymomelon said...

Guess I'd better call WRAL.

Off topic, but I was so happy to see that Taylor will be appearing (in his shadow tour)near you. Bet you're psyched!

Nicholas said...

I see WHLG played "WRIR" at 6:26 this afternoon. Right after another Taylor, Taylor Swift. Great to see him finally getting some radio spins. Lets keep requesting people!

Nicholas said...

it's a soul thing: where did you find that list of stations that officially added what's right is right?

soulthing said...

Nicholas - allaccess.com (look under AC, and then 'add')... you have to register over there first.

Nicholas said...

thanks! I registered over there and found the latest spin numbers. So far its been spinned 25 times by 9 different stations.