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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chris Daughtry Gets Goose-Egged at Grammy's

Let me be the first to offer my condolences to Chris Daughtry and his Backstreet Boys who lost all 5 Grammy nominations they were up for. A complete and utter SNUB by the Academy.

They lost Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album, Best Pop Performance by Duo or Group, Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group and his record producer Howard Benson lost to Mark Ronson for Producer of the Year (Amy Winehouse).

I had a stream of tears dripping down my face as I watched the Foo Fighters up on stage accepting their Rock Album of The Year Award (no disrespect to them - they truly ARE a rock band, so they do deserve it). But really, I mean, uh....wasn't Daughtry 'supposed' to be God's gift to the music industry this year, according to Clive Davis? Wasn't it set up that way? Ah, the injustice of being rejected from his peers like that. Sniff :(

Clive must be drowning in tears that his premier ass-licker could not pull in one piece of metal tonight. Tsk. Tsk. Oh well!

And let me add that if Taylor has to compete with the noise that passed as music tonight in order for him to win a or even be nominated for a Grammy, then good that he wasn't there. It was a too much of a musical train wreck for my ears. Dayum!

The one exception was Herbie Hancock's win for Album of the Year - yes, a jazz album of Joni Mitchell covers! I guess the impossible is possible in 2008, eh?

All is right with the world and the music industry righted itself in the end tonight, thank God.


mk said...

I found most of the night a complete bore, but there apparently is a God who watches over pop culture. CD wins 5 Grammys, and TH has to wear that albatross for the rest of his days. No matter the brave talk about different genres, I know he was at home on the couch with a beer doing a happy dance when he saw the last award go down.

All of the best acts of the night were the veterans ... I was watching Jerry Lee Lewis, who I honestly thought had died, and I asked myself ... is Taylor going to be somewhere belting out "Soul Thing" when he's 80 (assuming the ciggies or other vices don't get him first)? Do I even have to ask myself that rhetorical question?

The only timeless one of the new artists is Alicia Keys. She is so good, but Clive was up her butt about something with her latest album, which sent me further over the edge with him.

soulthing said...

Yep, MK, the Grammy's did inject a bit of reality for the Idols this year - all were wiped out except for Carrie, who I really believe is taking over the world - I mean, I can't watch an award show with seeing some statue being bestowed upon her or seeing her on the stage.

But I'll admit, I was SO RELIEVED that Daughtry was brought down to earth tonight with a complete snub by the Academy. I think I joined Taylor with a big frosty one as I watched. There IS a God, I'm convinced now ;)

I'm also convinced we WILL see Taylor up on that stage one day. I have no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Carrie will be a has-been by the time she is Taylor's age. At her age, he was slugging in out in dingy bars for no money. What's going to happen when she no longer has the accolades and attention she has now? She hasn't been throught the fire (as Taylor has)and it will be interesting to she how she handles not being on top.

As for D, I am so sorry he didn't win. (and I am not writing that with a straight face..snicker..snicker..grin.grin)

Trixi said...

Truth, Justice and the American Way prevail. No Grammy's for CD...Oh darn. I guess we're not the only ones who think this.

Did he have his guyliner on last night?

soulthing said...

I don't know about the guy-liner, but he had some plastic wrap jacket on. It looked like it could keep your food fresh for the next 5 years ;)

Goose Egg said...

LMAO! Thank you for giving me a real good belly laugh today. I needed it.

Yes, Chris broke out his pleather for the occasion. Gawd, he makes me proud. LOL

I got great joy at seeing someone who crowed about winning all 4 awards get the big goose egg.

Anonymous said...

I think alot of us celebrated and imbibed last night celebrating Uncle Fester's five losses. It's about time he gets knocked down a few pegs.

Trixi said...

Uncle Fester...now that cracks me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Maybe CD will win a Grammy the same year that Hanna Montana wins one. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yes...There is a God! I invested a moment or two to watch, while sitting on the edge of my couch with much anticipation, then with a quick thought...it went something like this: Proud and bald, CD struts his 5'6" bod toward the podium, pleather clad with a chain hanging down from his (empty of cash pocket/thanks to Clive Davis) and just as he is about to reach out for his award, he trips over his chain because his legs are so short and then, I was awakened out of my thoughts to reality...HE DID NOT WIN! Of course, had he won...it would have been bought and paid for...SO, just how deep will Clive dig in his own pockets, anyway? For how long? Until another slave takes Daughtry's place? I relish the day. Then, Daughtry can go "HOME"!