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Friday, February 8, 2008

Taylor Hicks Appears on LIVE w/Regis & Kelly during "Wedding Week 2008"!

During Rehearsals

ETA: Update! It was a beautiful wedding for Kacy and Jordan this morning. Taylor looked HOT as ever in a gray suit and black shirt and black boots (pant! pant!) - just perfect for the occasion! And OMG, he sounded just awesome, slowing down his signature song "The Right Place" and singing it with much feeling and soul (with harmonica) as the wedding party marched into the studio. Here is the video followed by just the audio:

Kelly Ripa and Taylor dancing up a storm at the reception!

Meet The Couple, Kacy Hardenbrook and Jordan Edsall and their tragic, yet inspiring story.

Also, don't forget to see Taylor at the following events this month:

February 11: Taylor performs at Kacy and Jordan's Wedding Reception at Tavern At The Green Restaurant overlooking Central Park in NYC! Catch it on "Live W/Regis and Kelly" 9am EST!

February 15: McDonald's Celebrity NBA Basketball Game!

February 22: Alabama Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!


Anonymous said...


Do you really think he may sing PIB? Man, how awesome would that be! Set those DVR's. Yep, it looks like a good February. Now if he would only release that DVD...

Trixi said...

I was wondering after reading the article about the couple, if he would perform at the wedding. What a lucky couple..except for the horrible accident they went through.

Way to go Soulman!!

tishlp said...

Thanks for the short audio clip. I can't wait to watch this when I get home today. I set my DVR just as soon as I heard about it. What a wonderful person Taylor is to do this for this couple.

Trixi said...

I cried through the whole wedding. Taylor's performance was impeccable! I would consider getting married again if Taylor would sing at my wedding. Well..maybe not!!!

Anyway I only wish for the best for the couple and their children.

How cool is it that Kacy's favorite singer is Taylor. It's a win-win situation for us all. They get an awesome singer and we get awesome video and audio.

jewell said...

I love the video of Kelly dancing with Taylor. They were good together. Looked like they were having a blast.

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Taylor.......what a hoot! How many glasses of champagne did they have before that dance? That...Was...Priceless...Indeed!

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that it was Jordan (the groom) who wanted Taylor to sing at the wedding. Good taste!

This man, Jordan, is a saint. How many young men would endure and stick around through all of this? What an inspiration he is to his gender and generation!

By the way, Taylor and Kelly's dance at the reception was soo much fun to watch. It reminded me alot of Taylor and Katherine dancing together on AI.

Trixi said...

I couldn't remember which name belong to who. They both could go either way...oops my bad