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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paula Abdul on Taylor Hicks and AI Marketing

An article in the LA Times recently quoted Paula Abdul:

Is there something we can learn from Taylor Hicks' huge popularity on American Idol and subsequent lack of sales successes?

"Well you know, it doesn't, I would say this. Nothing takes away from the talent that these kids have. The talent doesn't go away. It's sometimes mishandled and sometimes misguided. And there are very specific reasons why people like Kelly Clarkson sell a lot of albums, and Carrie Underwood and you have the unbelievable talent of Fantasia Barrino and Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks, that don't get to have the same amount of sales…. However I do believe that maybe the album was not… filled with the right materials that suited them. I think that you have to take the right time and the right producer and the right rollout and the right support. It's not just based on they're not talented--there's a lot of factors that go into it that people fail to realize. The right team, the right marketing strategy. That is 90% of it. You have the talent: the talent is now a given. It's the other factors that go into it that predicate the success. Not predicate: but really, that's the success. If you don't have the right strategy, the right production, the right song material. It's all of that that goes into it. It's not to say their albums were bad at all, quote honestly I found good tracks on every single Idols' albums. It's who picks what and who allows them to shine true. A lot of times they don't have a lot of faith in the artistic direction. The second go around you can impart your vision. That's why the call it the sophomore slump. For these kids it's already the sophomore slump when they put their first album out, because they're being compared with being the winner!

Okay, I'll give Paula a few brownie points for actually being honest for a change about the failed marketing and distribution for Taylor and his album - something both Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell cowardly didn't do. Randy was quoted in the NY Post as saying: "Once you graduate high school you can't blame the high school," Jackson tells AOL Television. "The truth really is [that] it's up to them to make amazing records. If they don't make amazing records... you know, the business kinda catches up with them."

Randy is just a mouthpiece for the PTB - selling his soul - covering his ass - refusing to speak the truth about the failed promotion for Taylor. He knows that Clive fucked up Taylor's album - forcing him to record music that clearly wasn't his style or strength - for sticking him with a producer who had no clue how to produce it (Matt Serletic) and most importantly, insufficiently promoting and pushing singles to radio, failing to support the music with videos, failing in every fucking way to do what was needed for this album to do even better than it did. And even without any support, Taylor STILL managed to push over 832,000 CDs off the shelves worldwide. In other words, they failed, not Taylor. There is NO lack of talent here, just a failed attempt by BMG/JRecords/Clive Davis.

Could it be that Taylor will ultimately win in the long run? Now that he is an independent agent, he can now take the next album in the direction he wants and hire a producer that is in tune with his natural vocal & instrumental talent. Most of all, Taylor will be in CONTROL of his own destiny. With the experience of producing 2 albums prior to American Idol coupled with more resources, musical freedom and access to a pool of talented collaborators, the possibilities for Taylor are endless - and that is exciting to me.

Paula, as ditsy as she is, makes a whole lot more sense in this article than the rest of the fatcats. And Simon, well, don't even get me started on that crass corporate pig.


Trixi said...

Let's give Paula big kudo's for having bigger balls than Randy and Simon put together.

It still amazes me that Clive and his coherts were so stubborn that they couldn't put their giant ego's aside. If they would have promoted Taylor the way they should have, it would have put more money in their pockets. Go figure!

It still seems like Taylor is coming out the winner.

I would still like to know the details of their mutual parting agreement though. The one article I read said that Taylor's attorneys hit Clive and his bunch with breach of contract. Basically there is a gag order, so neither side is talking except for generic statements.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think Taylor will come out the winner in the long run.

Of course, then Randy will change his tune ....Gag!!!!......and say something like he knew all along that Taylor would have a successful cd...yada yada yada

Thanks Paula. At least one of you has some sense.

Anonymous said...

Paula has always guninely pulled for all of the AI contestants. The other two are, and always have been, ass wipers.

I am so stoked about Taylor having total control over his next album. From all of his appearances and performances he has done lately (after almost two years of IDOL) , I think his popularity speaks for itself and he definitely doesn't need AI anymore.

BTW, Clive must be very disappointed with his golden boy tonight - no grammy. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, Clive must be very disappointed with his golden boy tonight - no grammy. Too bad."

You're kidding. I didn't watch so I had no idea...guess I thought it was a given.

Oh well, I'm not broke up about it. [grins]

cypfan said...

So now we need to do some research and speculation on producers that would fit with Taylor's style. Is it usual to announce who the producer will be or is that done after the fact?