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Monday, February 11, 2008

Clive Davis' Ultimatum to Daughtry!

"I don't know what I'm gunna do John. I was wiped out! Rejected! Kicked in the ass! Clive said he'd make me record a Diane Warren song on my next album if I didn't win least a few Grammy's! He even threatened to pull back the payola to the radio stations! I know can't make it on my own - I'm a damn tool for Christ's sake! I'm screwed!"

Jay-Z looked SO thrilled to be posing with the ultimate poser! LOL! NOT!


skeeter226 said...

Griz -

You are really "killin" me here! Thanks for the laugh!

And does Daughtry look a little "high" in that second pic with Jay-Z??? Just sayin.

Candy :-)

Pamela said...

What's with the 5-oclock head-shadow showing the receeding hair line?? Someone should have scheduled a head retouch.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical Soul Thing! And very creative! This cracks my ass up.

Trixi said...

I saw a picture of him and the band. It was on yahoo's page of people at the grammy's. Chris was all dressed in black leather or Pleather as the caption said sarcastically. hehehe

Jay Z does look mighty happy doesn't he?

Love your captions

jewell said...

I love it! This is my favorite blog of all time. LMAO

juliegr said...

Griz - Right up there as one of the fugly rockers on Mr. Blackwell's list of "worst-dressed" at the Grammys. hahaha


Pamela said...

trixi - makes you wonder if they were all planning to go on stage to accept their Grammy - even though the album was all different studio musicians and Chris kept phoning in the vocals during the AI tour. What a fraud!

Anonymous said...

His jacket is too big...He needs to go to the little boys department...where he shops for clothes, at KMART...I mean, being a shrimp means you can't swim with the big fish. OH...too bad he didn't bring his little platform to stand on so he would'nt look so.............small?