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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Taylor Hicks - The Right Place

You know, ever since Taylor performed "The Right Place" at the wedding for the couple on Regis and Kelly last week, I've noticed some real positive buzz about the song from the many comments on YouTube, various Bulletin Boards and blogs, and ITunes (which now has the song as THE most downloaded song from the Taylor Hicks album). My question is why was this song NOT released as a single? It's without a doubt the best song on the album, showing that Taylor has undeniably one of the best soulful and bluesy voices of anyone in pop music today, or yesterday for that matter. It's a shame the world was denied the opportunity to hear it on a more global scale. You can thank Clive Davis and his goons for that huge mistake.

Wouldn't it be something if the song somehow got re-awakened so far after the album's release? Or better yet maybe get Taylor to offer this live version for sale on ITunes? How can we do that?

Would you at least join me in purchasing just one single copy of it from ITunes for a mere 99 cents to show support for Taylor and this type of music? If it can spark one person to play a 30 second clip of the song which then prompts them to listen to more of his music, then we've done our job. The song is THAT good, imo. It's the most authentic Taylor Hicks song on the record - a showcase for his voice - a signature song for him. It's now playing in the sidebar for your listening pleasure!

On a completely different subject, Happy 66th Birthday to my favorite Monkee Peter Tork!

Here is "Can You Dig It", a song penned by Peter Tork for the Monkee movie "Head". It's a great cult classic of the 1960's with some awesome music. Check it out at your local video store!

"Can You Dig It"

Peter Tork today!


Trixi said...

Count me in. What's a mere .99 cents, after all the rest of the money I've spent on his stuff. I'm more than happy to buythe song to show my continuing support.

Jewell said...

TRP has always been my favorite Taylor song. I really wish they would release it. I have already bought all of his songs on itunes. Someone told me once it doesn't count if you buy it more than once, I wonder if that's true. Maybe I can think of someone with Itunes that I can gift the song to.

Lubiana said...

Ahhhh, Peter Tork. How I used to LOVE him, and that song. And that MOVIE! HEAD was the weirdest movie ever, and I loved it!

"I'll have a glass of cold gravy with a hair in it please."

soulthing said...

"Why should I speak, since I know nothing" ;)

You Monkee fans know what I mean! LOL!

Back to Taylor - he should definitely release the live version on ITunes - people would love it I think!

Jewell said...

Soulthing I'd love it if Taylor would release a live version of TRP. My personal favorite is the Millersville version with the harp and sax at the end. I also really love the AOL sessions version.