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Friday, February 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks Plays on Winning Team for the NBA Celebrity All-Stars!

Taylor's team won the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game today in New Orleans by a score of 51-50!! OMG, wasn't he the cutest thing on the court? He played great!! Very competitive, scoring 4 points and assisted in many more! He landed on his tush a couple of times, but just because he was so aggresive! Hmmmm, I love that in a man! And oh yea - Thighs, Baby, Thighs! LOL! Here are some yummy pictures from the game courtesy of Getty Images:


Jewell said...

Those are great shots. That was an awesome game..I don't even like watching basketball and it had me excited the whole time (okay, Taylor in shorts probably increased my excitement level a little bit)I was so nervous at the end that the other team would get a basket. Taylor is a really agressive player and puts his whole self into it (not surprising). He was definately having fun..I loved it.

Trixi said...

My son commented " you don't watch basketball, what are you doing?" I replied "I do if Taylors playing!!!" He said " I should have known!"

I loved his spin around move towards the end of the game. The commentators even went WOW, what a move!

But we've always known that Taylor has the moves... boy does he have the moves!!!!

skeeter226 said...

Griz! Wooooooooooo., but one "small" complaint: I don't think you have ENOUGH pictures here! I want MORE, MORE, MORE! Haaaaaaaaa.

Aggresive? YA, I would say so, and I love that in a man too.

Once again, our man never fails to disappoint. So much charisma, drop dead gorgeous looks, personality, and great THIGHS and CALVES on ONE man should be against the law. Its almost too much to take! I said "ALMOST"...........AND HE SINGS TO BOOT! Who could ask for anything more?

Keep it coming!

Candy :-)

THfan8113 said...

I thought that the video was pretty cool. I love basketball, so it would have been cool to see Tay, my favorite idol, make a great shot. But u got to admit, what an entrance,lol.:)