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Friday, July 4, 2008

4th Of July Audience Pledges Allegiance To Taylor Hicks

Washington D.C. Brings Out Big Crowd For Broadway’s Mr. Hicks
The event had all the fireworks and excitement one would expect on a 4th of July celebration, but the sky was blue and the sun was shining. Actually, it was July 3 in Washington DC, and front and center at a rehearsal for tonight’s Washington capital celebration of America’s Holiday was Mr. Taylor Hicks. In this photo we see the large crowd pledging allegience to the flag, of course, but it also looks as though they are pledging allegiance to Taylor Hicks. His fanbase is huge, and according to the New York Post, he’s bringing in an extra $150,000 a week in ticket sales for his performance in Broadway’s Grease. American Idol, Broadway, and the 4th of July. Catch the live performance tonight.

–Broadway Magazine, Broadway.tv

Pictures courtesy of WireImage.com


Anonymous said...

Taylor looks great and seems to be slimmer than he was, maybe this Broadway thing is good exercise. I've seen him in person so I know he's always thinner than he looks on camera. Can't wait to watch the show/

juliegr said...

I went to the rehearsals Thursday at the Capitol and had a great time. Taylor looked good and did an excellent job.

Looking forward to seeing him on TV many more times.