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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Check My Digs Out Simon! Living The High Life in NYC!

According to a blurb in today's NY Post, "Taylor Hicks has a suite setup in a celebrity-loving condominium building. The American Idol winner, now a Broadway star, is the latest boldface name to take a pied-à-terre in the Atelier building - just a short sashay to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre where he co-stars in "Grease."

The Post has previously reported that Lindsay Lohan and Nick Lachey (and we suppose Vanessa Minnillo) have been provided with free apartments at the amenity-laden West 42nd Street complex. We're hearing Hicks doesn't have a similar pay-us-later deal, and his lease is up on September 15 (he leaves "Grease" on September 7).

"He's currently purchasing pieces and working with designers to make his apartment his own comfortable place," says a source. Our Micki Siegel will have an exclusive look inside Hicks' place later in the summer.

You can live here too if you're rich! Seems the one-bedroom furnished model is currently being rented for a mere $4,600/month! Check it out here.

So the next time you see a chroll crawling around the 'net, just remind them of Taylor's summer digs and watch them crawl back into their roach infested hole :)


trixi said...

Living the high life!! Maybe I did go to too many concerts!!

Taylor deserves all that he is getting. He has had to work hard for it.

But, I can admit...I'm a little jealous...His view is better than mine!!

Anonymous said...

Just think , just over 2 1/2 years ago Taylor was living in some ordinary apartment in Birmingham. Now look at him! I'm thrilled for him!