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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Big News Coming About Upcoming CD!

Well, folks, looks like yesterday turned out to be one of the most tumultuous days in Taylorland yet! Many of us received notifications from amazon.com that Taylor's new 'reissues' album, Early Works has, depending on what you want to believe, either been backordered because of the brisk pace it was selling (they claim they ran out of copies and are waiting for their supplier to ship more), or the CD is not for sale anymore because of poor sales!? Trigger Twilight Zone music......

What's strange about this is that the CD is still for sale at many on-line outlets, such as Barnes & Noble, F.Y.I., VH1, Sam Goody, CDUniverse, MTV, among others. To add to the confusion, there's an unsubstantiated rumor floating around that one of the major chain department stores will be the sole retail outlet for this CD (sorta like Walmart was for Bo Bice's last CD). We are supposed to get some information from Taylor's managment regarding this CD this week and hopefully that will put all the anxiety and speculation to rest. The only thing we DO know from his management is that the release date has been moved UP one week and will be released in about 3 weeks, on August 12, 2008. Happy happy joy joy for that bit of good news!

What's particularly annoying, however, is that a few of Chris Daughtry's fans - the chrolls as I like to call them, are using this uncertain period to try and confused Taylor's fans - spreading lies about the circumstances behind the confusion at amazon - even being so brazen as to invade Taylor's own fansites. The only thing I want to say to you about these poor pitiful lonely souls is to try and NOT engage them in conversation. Nothing. Zippo. Nada. (yes, I've been guilty of this myself, I'll admit). By engaging them in conversation, we are doing exactly what they want and gives him an ego boost into thinking they have any power or control over Taylor's fans. Let's make believe they don't exist - even though the temptation is strong - and dismiss the ignorant gnomes. If only Chris Daughtry knew about his insane fandom, he'd roll over in shame and embarrassment and hit his bald, poser head on the pavement. Ouch! :)

But anyway, getting back to the important news, I suspect BIG announcments coming down the pike SOON, maybe even today, so stay tuned for lots of excitment! BTW, lots of great reviews of Taylor from people attending "Grease" to see the new leads. Check out this beautiful picture! And oh yea, check out WWOR's clip with Taylor from the Grease stage! And yes, he admits to being a lady's man! Wooot!


tishlp said...

Griz, you find the best news, that video was so cute! I'm not worried about the Early Works CD. It will be issued and we will be able to buy it. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn! My computer freezes up right on that hideous picture of Simon Cowell and won't play the rest! Its frozen at that same place 3 times. Can't stand looking at his face anymore so I GIVE UP.

juliegr said...

Hmmmmm!!! Taylor admits to being a "ladies man". Surprise, surprise, surprise! ;)