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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks - The Alternate MTV Interview!

That Taylor! He's a funny guy!


Anonymous said...

During his promotional time with the "Taylor Hicks" CD, it seemed nobody cared to make a video of his single cause they thought MTV wwould never play it, yet here is MTV having him in a feature story? Talk about re-creating an image in the media! It's now happening before our eyes. AMerica loves Taylor Hicks!!!

Trixi said...

This little segment reminds of those insurance commercials where they bring in a celebrity to explain what's really being said.

In reponse to the poster above: Yeah isn't great that Taylor now has the right people promoting him. New York is definitly "The Right Place"

Song said...

First we had to interpret
and now the HARMONICA TUNES!

I guess that Taylor just wants to keep us wondering about his future -- & I can hardly wait to see what happens next!