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Monday, July 14, 2008

Broadway Taylor Hicks Has Mystery Megastar Deal?

The Broadway media can't heep enough praise on Taylor Hicks this summer (and rightfully so!) Here they continue to go Ga-Ga over his great performances in 'Grease' and how he's making those cash register receipts go "KA-CHING!". They also picked up the story posted last Thursday by MTV.com about one of Taylor's new songs being on-hold for a mysterious female "megastar"! Oh, I hope that gets revealed soon!

They write: "The hit Broadway musical Grease has hit gold with Taylor Hicks. The New York Post reported that the box office numbers are up, audiences and fans are lining up to see him, and Broadway businesses benefitting from the Hicks Effect. Now, word comes from MTV that while Taylor Hicks is actively performing in the show, he is also finding time to continue to write his own new music. The results will likely be heard on his next CD…all songs that is, except, possibly, for one. The word from MTV is that Hicks disclosed that one of his new songs has attracted the attention of a megastar who anticipates recording it. No name dropping here, though it was implied that the star was female. As they say around the Grease show, Hicks is the word. Soul Patrol!"

–Broadway Magazine, Broadway.tv

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images


Trixi said...

It just keeps coming....the praise that Taylor so justly deserves. It makes me smile REAL big to read all the postive stuff that is being written.

Why did take everyone else so long to figure out what we've known for the last couple of years.

I sure hope Simon and Nigel are seeing this, and it's really pissing them off!!! Positive revenge...is there any better?

Trixi said...

Hey Griz...this has nothing to do with the post but check out this video of Kathy Griffen getting ready for the Tony's I think?

I know how much you love baldy...listen close around the 1:14 mark


soulthing said...

Hey trixi - I think that deserves a separate blog entry.... "Clive Davis Blows Daughtry"! What do you think? LOL!! Hmmmmm!

Trixi said...

We always knew that Clive blows.. now we know other people think so too!!

We just didn't know who he blows..lol

I actually thought it would have been the other way around though!!
Clive getting reimbursed for his payola!!

Stephanie said...

I can't wait for that blog entry griz. ::evil grin::

Anonymous said...

God, can this man get any better looking? This is one hawt, sexy picture of Taylor. Wouldn't you just love to be Frenchie!

BTW - I also can't wait for that blog entry Griz.