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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks - News Flash! "Early Works" Exclusive with Target Stores! Available August 12, 2008!


According to Taylor's management team, his new compilaton CD, "Early Works", which will consist of his 2 pre-AI indie albums, "In Your Time" and "Under the Radar", will be available for sale through TARGET stores - an 'EXCLUSIVE' deal, dropping on August 12, 2008. That's 2 WEEKS from today, folks! Start gathering those pennies and be prepared to invade Target's CD section!

These store exclusives are a great thing for the artist, who will pocket sometimes up to 4 to 5 times as much money than they would earn if they released their CD through a standard distribution deal - and - the promotion is usually better. And being that Taylor is releasing this on his own new label, "Modern Whomp Records", he's sure to turn those old tunes in pure Gold. And deservedly so. The 12 tunes featured on the CD are some of Taylor's best self-written compositions. Songs like "Somehow", "The Fall", "In Your Time", Son of a Carpenter", "Heart and Soul", "My Friend", "The Deal", "West Texas Sky", "Hold Onto Your Love", and "Soul Thing" are brilliant and all are written by Taylor himself. It's a chance to let the casual fan in on Taylor's great songwriting abilities. I think once people hear this material, it will turn some heads for the better. This is a great set-up for Taylor's forthcoming album in the Fall of brand new originals.

Things are really falling nicely into place for the Soulman and I for one, couldn't be more thrilled. Spread the word people! Taylor's about to kick some serious musical ass in the near future!


skeeter226 said...

Great write-up as usual Griz! This is MAJOR news for Taylor, and I couldn't be more thrilled either.

Between the "Grease" run, and "Early Works" coming out Taylor is sitting pretty for his new CD in the Fall, and tour next year!

And, yeah......I will be seeing "Grease" a few more times, incase anyone is counting. It's worth the price of admission just to hear the audience response to his performance, and watch him hand jive.

My Target is 1.5 miles away. YEAH!


JOJOSIE said...

I was rather ticked of at my Target music department as they had Taylor Hicks the CD for awhile and then it completely disapeared never to be seen again in the store. Hope they do better this time, sure they will as it's an exclusive. Can't wait, I have his two prev albums but will buy this also as it'll be nice to have them all on one record.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very happy for Taylor. This is such major news for him and all us SP'ers. Bravo Taylor!! You have the support to make things happen that you should have had from the start. I love following your career and could not be more proud of you. I think everyone has finally taken notice and are seeing the true talent that you are. We all love you.
And yes, I being buying EW on the 12th!! Most likely multiple copies. You deserve to have it all. Oh wait... I think you already do. Gotta love the (handsome) Soulman!