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Monday, July 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Box Office Receipts Soaring for "Grease" This Summer!

Yes folks! Taylor's three month stint in *Grease* this summer is proving to be an unquestionable huge success at the box office! Last week, receipts were up 3%, bringing overall theater capacity to 96%, making it the 8th most popular musical on Broadway (out of 29). It sold 8,237 seats out of a possible 8,576. Revenue was also up, going from $665,196 the week before to $707,983 this week - a net increase of $42,787. Since Taylor started in the musical on June 6, attendance has been consistantly over the 90% mark and in the Top 10 highest earning shows on Broadway.

You go Mr. Soulman!!!

Source: Broadway World


Anonymous said...

OUTFRICKINSTANDING! It's about time Taylor gets what he deservedly earned after winning AI. And these glowing reviews are not all coming from the Soul Patrol either. Broadway sure struck gold with Taylor.

In your face you good for nothing old turds - Simon, Nigel and Clive!


Trixi said...

We knew it would only be a matter of time before everyone else caught on to Taylor.

That has got to make him feel soooo good. To know that you and your fans are making such an impact. Also gathering new fans along the way.

Way to go Soulman!!!!