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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Taylor Hicks - A Banjo Version of "The Runaround"!

Are you ready for a knee slapping bluegrass banjo version of Taylor's song, "The Runaround"? If so, check out this album: "Pickin' On Today's Ultimate Hits, Vol. 3". Titled as "A Tribute To Taylor Hicks", it's the 12th and last track on the CD.

If you'd like to own this little ditty, it's available for download on ITunes and the entire album can be bought on amazon.com. Let's make this the most downloaded song on the album, eh folks? I love a good banjo tune and this one is awesome! Check it out!

Thanks to Loren Gold for writing this great tune that Taylor put on his "Clive" album. Always a good git up and dance song I say! Thanks 'MK' for the tip!

P.S. While you're at amazon.com buying up this album, don't forget Taylor's new album "Early Works" is dropping on August 19. Pick up a copy of that for yourself, your friends, your neighbors and your beloved mailman!


Song said...

I just DL'd the bluegrass version of "Runaround" -- and it was definitely energetic & fun (even suddenly ending !!). :-)

I love the fact that TH's name is included so folks might wonder where that track originated from -- & maybe even search for Taylor's music.

Anonymous said...

Why has someone opened a website using the same name as this one? Did they do this on purpose, just to try to fool people into believing that they are on your site? WTF? I don't like it.