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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

AI Phonies - Yes, Chris Daughtry & Carrie Underwood I'm Talking To You


"Carrie Underwood, Chris "Daughtry" Daughtry, Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana ... is this what has become of music? What happened to the bands, the singer-songwriters that lived, breathed and, occasionally, died for their muse? It's like "American Idol," once just a boil on our TVs, has mutated into a pox. Carrie is no more country than Loretta Lynn is pop. Miley Cyrus? We're weaning our future music lovers on meaningless crap. We won't even talk about Chris, who sounds like some opening act for the Clarks. Where are today's Bob Dylans and Janis Joplins, our Jimi Hendrixes and Aretha Franklins? Let's stop rewarding phonies. New Year's resolution: Less B94, more YEP.
" Source: Pittsburgh Tribune

So I ran across this little blurb from the Pittsburgh Tribune a few days ago, and breathed a heavy sigh of relief that someone out there had the guts to write something that I've been saying forever. I was beginning to think I was living on an isolated planet wondering what had happened to pop music. Was I the only one who had noticed how far downhill the music industry has gone in a mere decade - how low the 'bar' of greatest has fallen. Who threw MY music in the trash without telling me? And when did this happen? Certainly American Idol couldn't have destroyed the music industry by itself - or did it?

Well if you go by their 2 biggest sellers this year - Daughtry and Carrie Underwood, who are relentlessly promoted, I would say they have a big hand in the state of music today. Certainly there is LOTS of other crap out there, but the American Idol karaoke machine is to blame for much of the current musical drivel. I don't get it, though. Daughtry is nothing more than a copy-cat chain-bearing pseudo rocker that doesn't have an ounce of ingenuity in his entire body. Carrie is barely more than a country robot who couldn't show any emotional involvement in a song if her life depended on it. Sing what you're given and play nice, Carrie. Don't ruffle any feathers. Clive loves that. And speaking of Clive, I wonder if he is happy how AI6 turned out. The best singer of that season, Melinda Doolittle, losing to Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks . A total travesty. Serves him right for pimping the wrong people.

Oh well. Such is the society we live in now. It's sad. There are no musical innovators on the horizon - or is there?

You guys can have your mass-produced music pop drivel from the Daughtrys and Underwoods of the world.

I'll pass, however. It's okay. Really. I'll find my music elsewhere - maybe from someone a little more 'under the radar'.


Pamela said...

Here's the top albums last year from HDD. Considering D's CD was also one of the most "gifted" on Amazon last year, I think everyone in the military must have several copies.

Pamela said...

Josh Groban’s Noel came from out of nowhere to top the year’s best-sellers with a final total of 3.7 million, easily surpassing Disney’s High School Musical 2, with nearly 3 million.

The Eagles’ Wal-Mart exclusive Long Road Out of Eden was #3 with 2.6m, followed by a pair of RCA Music Group titles in J’s Alicia Keys (2.5m) and Daughtry (2.49m), rounding out the Top 5.

Disney’s Hannah Montana 2 is #6 with 2.48m, giving the Mouse two of the top titles, with WB’s Linkin Park (2.1m), A&M/Interscope’s Fergie (2.1m), Big Machine’s Taylor Swift (1.9m) and Roc-a-Fella/IDJ’s Kanye West (1.89m) also in the Top 10.

The rest of the Top 20 features Roadrunner’s Nickelback (1.88m), Arista Nashville’s Carrie Underwood (Carnival Ride) (1.7m), SRC/Universal Motown’s Akon (1.63m), Lyric Street’s Rascal Flatts (1.60m), Jive/ZLG’s Justin Timberlake (1.59m), A&M/Octone’s Maroon 5 (1.57m), Arista Nashville’s Carrie Underwood (Some Hearts) (1.54m), Blue Note’s Norah Jones (1.44m), Universal Republic’s Amy Winehouse (1.43m) and Arista’s Avril Lavigne (1.39m).

Anonymous said...

Billboard year Daughtrys CD was NUMBER 1 not calender year. Still having a top 5 selling CD over all is nothing to be upset about. Know where Taylor is now on Amazon? #6975 Daughtry is 28 after almost 14 months of being out. Guess it is better to be a Daughtry fan these days. Especially since the label DROPPED HIM!

soulthing said...

anon - All I know is that Daughtry will be licking Clive's balls till he no longer has use for him. Enjoy it while it lasts.

That said, regardless of #'s, Daughtry's music is nothing but run-of-the-mill, imitation, a been-there-done-that rock presentation that is being manipulated and sold to the masses by corporate 'suits' - a Mr. Clive Davis. Clive owns Daughtry - don't you know that? The music is not good.

And that's the truth.

WOO said...

WOW. Someone in the media wrote that! Whew! AMEN and say it again! I wonder how many of those military "gifts" were "bought" by the label?...after they were scanned of course:)It's kind of ironic with all the effort to look and pose like a "rocker" CD is really a corporate musician!