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Friday, January 25, 2008

American Idol Only Wants Clones to Mold - Not Originality!

Recently cut American Idol 7 contestant Shaun Barrowes wrote about his experience with the show:

"Well, I made it to the top 48 and got cut. They're not looking for a whole lot of variety this year, as all the contestants who made it through are either rockers or 16 and the type they can mold into whatever they want. But I caught a glimpse at the contract the top 24 has to sign, and i'm glad i didn't have to sign it. If I made it to the top 24, they would own me for 3 years no matter how far i made it, and if I had won, they would make big changes to my music. I got a pretty good feel for what they're looking for, and they don't want artists who already have an established sound--all my favorite contestants who I thought were great songwriters with a unique artistic sound were also cut today. I'm once again in full control of my music career, and I'm very relieved I'm out.

So it was a great experience and I got what I needed out of it. Now, it's on to Celine Dion or whatever else comes my way. I'll be releasing this new album soon, probably in March, and will hit the road again to tour soon after. Thanks for the support and I hope to see you all soon!"

AH HA!! Just as I suspected!

Hopefuls with any sense of themselves musically are pushed out the door - FAST! I think Taylor changed the show in that the producers won't allow stubborn musicians into the Top 24. You know, people who have musical integrity. All they want are young clones to mold into the banal and insipid world of pop music dreck.

Hearing stuff like this makes me SO HAPPY, SO GIDDY - even more THRILLED about the fact that Taylor Hicks got out of his contract with Clive/Nigel/Simon and the rest of those pigs. His lawyers must have really earned their money seeing that AI owns you for 3 years after the fact. Yikes!!!!

Three cheers to musical freedom! :-))

1 comment:

Trixi said...

That's what pop music has become today. Clones..everyone sounds the same, looks the same, no originalty. I could never understand why someone would want to go see someone lip sync and dance to overproduced, pop music. To me that takes no talent. Look what happened to Ashlee Simpson when her recordings screwed up.

For me it's real musicians, playing real music!!