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Friday, January 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks - J Records Didn't Want to Shove Songs Down His Throat

So we get another piece of the puzzle from a New York Daily News Article Today. Why this wasn't printed initially is beyond my comprehension. It would have stopped the perception Taylor was "dropped", "cut", or "dumped" from J Records.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for Taylor actually. He gets to write the songs, pick the producer, hire his musicians and arrange the songs any way he likes without getting daddy Clive's permission or approval. And after it done, if J likes what they hear, then 'of course', they'll take credit for it. Nice, Clive! That's really 'very big' of you.

Perhaps American Idol was sensing their total sleeziness amongst fans and decided to cough up the truth of what really went down. Geesh! What a bunch of creeps.

"We didn't want to shove any songs down his throat. We wanted to make an album in the style he was comfortable with. We mutually agreed that he'd work on an album [on his own], we'd listen, and we'd see where we go from there. There's no acrimony."


kathy said...

Yes, I don't think TBTB anticipated the negative
press to come back and slime them more than the artists. LOL. So, now they are trying to do damage control.

Anonymous said...

What an eye-opener. I will NEVER watch another AI show again (unless Taylor makes an appearance). These British a-holes are really showing their true colors now. I hope this show crashes and burns real soon.

WOO said...

Yep this sounds more palatable than J Records breaching the contract-which is probably the truth. Defnitely more spin. They really thought they could bury him. AI nauseates me.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog Griz- I will visit often.


cochem said...

The more we hear little tidbits from the label that they will "listen" to what he has...it sounds like he has the best of both worlds...he can do it the way he wants to and go from there...I just never heard of a label leaving the door open for the artist...and it may be as privategirl on the boogie board said: that this may still have something to do with his 3 record deal from AI and that is why the door is still open...she also brought up that no one else (that she recalls) from the AI alums ever had the opportunity to come back and have their material listened to...things that make you to hmmmmm....