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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Taylor Hicks Gets Creative Freedom At Last!

"I’m worried about my fans and the people who like me as opposed to what’s mainstream. I’m going to be a musician and a soul singer for the rest of my life. In this business, I’ve been denied many times. Mainstream music is a very interesting beast, and if I play a part in that in the next year or so, then fine. But if I don’t, somebody will be seeing me being funky somewhere."
- Taylor Hicks

Yes, Taylor is in an enviable position today, folks. He's now a guy who has the creative freedom to make the kind of record he envisioned for himself the first time around. He's maintained ownership and rights to his 2 independent albums that brings in a ton of money for him at the merchandise table at his concerts (along with all those t-shirts, hats, and cute little gray Taylor Bears). See, he gets to keep most of that profit (unlike the major label album, which goes to JRecords and into Clive's pocket). Thanks to his triumphant win in Season 5 of American Idol, he is now a household name with creative freedom to do as he pleases and a very large and loyal fanbase that believe in him. Yes, imagine having all this and not having to answer to "Big Daddy" anymore. Now *that* deserves a couple of "Woooo's"!

If she hasn't already done so, Kelly Clarkson should place an immediate call to Taylor asking him how he managed such a sweet deal, considering that she too, got the shaft from Clive last year. Come on, Kelly, break free! We're with you too!


juliegr said...

Morning soulthing! Yea, that was some slippery action on Taylor's part. Guess all that dancing came in handy dealing with Clive and the other PTB. :)

Stephanie said...

I'm ecstatic for Taylor. I know that having to sing a Diane Warren song had to have chapped his ass royally.

Thanks for the quote from Taylor. It helps to keep things in perspective. It's obvious that Taylor is going to do what he wants to, when he wants to and how he wants to. From what his grandmother said, he's always been that stubborn. There's no reason to expect him to suddenly change now.

cochem said...

Over at MJ's they had an article on Ace and said he was on his own label and still doing a Diane Warren song...that is just wrong...by the way Griz i need to email you..how do i do that?thanks..

soulthing said...

Morning guys! cochem - email me at hhslancers@yahoo.com. I sure hope things get resolved 'back home' soon! I'm going thru withdrawals! hahaha!

maybee said...

I'm so happy for Taylor to be free of Clive and the asshats from AI. It was never a comfortable fit to be associated with those money over music vultures. I believe we are going to get a fantastic album this time around and I can't wait!

juliegr said...

Here’s how I imagine the scene with Clive Davis going:

CD: Taylor, you did OK with the CD but I have some writers and collaborators lined up for your next release. For example, I can see you working with the following people:

o Barry Manalow — after all you did good when you met him singing “Mandy”; I’m thinking something “The Copacabana”!!! This is exciting, Taylor!!!

o David Foster — David wants to help you prepare a cover of Besa me Mucho — that kid Sanjaya performed it on Latin night and the crowd loved it. In fact, why don’t you record that song!!!

o I want you to record “Wind Beneath My Wings”! This will be your video!!! I can just see you in a wind tunnel with the wind machine blowing your jacket back and you reaching for the missing woman; birds in the background, clouds rushing overhead!!!

o I also have a picture in my mind of you working with Gwen Stafani — she’s cool and has been able to perform some edge cutting — or is it called cutting edge — music.

o Oh, and since you like to wear boots, what do you think about a re-do of this song by Nancy Sinatra — “These Boots Are Made for Walking”.

o Oh, and Wayne Newton — he has some cool songs I really like.

Finishing with a smile, Clive says “Well, Taylor, these are just some things I’m doodling with — what do you say?

While this conversation has been going on, Taylor has been quietly holding his harmonica in his hand.

Taylor thanks Clive for his time and stands to leave saying — my lawyer will be in touch with you. As Taylor walks out the door the notes from “Take this job and shove” float in the air.

WOO said...

Nice daydream Julie but I seriously doubt the Big Boss Man even had the courtesy of a face to face with Taylor. I believe this was a buyout strictly handled lawyer to lawyer. Nice feel to it uh?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't I have loved to be a fly on the wall watching Taylor's lawyer and J Records butt heads! That must have been a sight to behold!