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Monday, January 28, 2008

More Pig Manure from Randy Jackson on the state of American Idol

In the NY Post today:

"Randy Jackson doesn't mince any words when it comes to former "American Idol" contestants whose albums have tanked following their initial success on the show. "Once you graduate high school you can't blame the high school," Jackson tells AOL Television. "The truth really is [that] it's up to them to make amazing records. If they don't make amazing records... you know, the business kinda catches up with them. "

Sure Randy. So you're saying that everyone coming out of American Idol has total control over their first (or second or third) album release, eh? They are never at the mercy of Clive/J/Arista/RCA, eh? The BMG conglomerate insist that even experienced musicians change up their music to force-fit their sound into Top 40 pablum (whether that's YOUR genre or not).

When sales don't sell a million within a week of release, Clive then refuses to promote it, refuses payola to the radio stations to play it 110x a day, and publically denounces you on your state of the American Idol vomit speech you insist on doing every year - a speech crafted to show America what a great music mogal you are.

So then Randy then tells us today in this article that we shouldn't 'blame' American Idol cuz it's winner/co-winners don't put out good albums. Bullshit, Randy. Shame on you and the rest of your croonies for picking who to promote and who NOT too.

These brain-washing lies are just getting too transparent for me. I need a shower.


Pamela said...

AI HAD always supported its winner with pics, positive name mentions, and having them on the show. That's the main reason winners do better than most musicians in album sales. Last year AI decided to slam its winner, insult his fans, and pimp #4 instead. That hurt Taylor but also backfired and hurt AI. By insulting TH fans they also insulted millions of their own fans who voted for him.

mk said...

An Elliott fan recently remarked that she heard an interview with him ... which I can't track down myself ... in which he said they never saw Daughtry on the tour, because they were flying him here and there and flying in people to work on his album. I knew he worked night and day on it, but I guess I really didn't know how much 19E was doing for him during this time.

I never had any doubt that Taylor opted to wait until after the tour to tackle the album (although I'm sure he did legwork during this time too). He rescued the tour during the Katless phase and vocally was in no shape to do it by tour's end. It was disappointing that big-name collaborations on the album were the weakest part of it -- his choice of grade C material. Thanks, Clive!

To his credit, TH "sung 'em up" to the best of his ability and kept working on them to improve them long after J had lost interest in promoting him. He is a true professional.

Trixi said...

It's amazing how many different ways they try to cover their asses with.

I guess as long as you conform and do as they say... your experience will be pleasant.

Anonymous said...

I love your It's a Soul Thing blog, i look at it every day and agree with about every thing you say. I love Taylor and his music and appreciate your support of him in this blog.