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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hear Taylor Hicks on the Howard Stern Show

Okay, I found it! For you Howard Stern/Taylor Hicks fans out there, here's his 60 secs on the show (grabbed at the Bob Hope Golf Classic in Palm Springs).

Warning - there's some language that might be offensive to some.

Taylor on the Howard Stern Show


Let's hope for an in-studio longer interview with some *real* raunchy talk!

Again, to put in a request for Howard to have Taylor on the show, email him here!


karoray said...

Thanks! LMAO!

soulthing said...

LOL karoray! Spread the word to those who are interested ;)

WOO said...

Griz- I requested. Great find as always! I think it would be good for Taylor based on his desire to be a guest. Terrific blog.

soulthing said...

Thanks woo!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Taylor can be pretty funny at times. He's definitely been around the block in his ripe old age of 31. I would love to hear Taylor on this show. Some would be offended, but hey they don't have to listen.

DP said...

I love that man!! I hope to God he does a full-on interview! Oh the delicious things we could find out about the man.... *evil grin*

soul patrol girl said...

That was definitely interesting! I would love for Taylor to do an interview with Howard Stern. I'm sure some fans would be offended but Sometimes people have to realize he's not just an "American Idol" and that touring musicians are not usually "goody goodies". LOL He's got a funny sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the audio. I'm really sick of prudes.

Loretta-Marie said...

Lmao Tay rippin' on Howard how can u not love that it was just gettin' good & it got cut off damn he's so sexy yum !!!!