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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Does Clive Miss Taylor Hicks Already?

Seems Clive can't shut the door completely on our Taylor! A spokeman from Arista/J came out today and threw this little bone out there.

"We have an understanding with Taylor Hicks that he will come back to us to play music once he’s finished writing his new material." Source: EW.

This statement comes in an announcement that 2nd place runner-up Katharine McPhee has also parted ways with $Clive$. Good for her.

I'm not quite sure I know how to interpret this. According to Ken Barnes at Idol Chatter, he explains it like this:

This is a way of not completely slamming the door shut; if Arista is captivated by Taylor's new songs, it can arrive at an agreement to release an album of them. Not unprecedented in the complicated world of artist/label relations, and an interesting development.

In my opinion, Taylor, you need to run away as fast as you can from this RCA/Arista/J label. They have done nothing for you, career wise, and there's no reason to think they will do anything for you in the future. They had their chance and blew it. Time to say a final farewell, I say, especially if the following statment is true:

"Mr. Hicks was not dropped by his label, as has been widely reported over the past couple of days. His lawyers were able to get him removed from his contract for a variety of reasons, including breach of contract and failure to comply with promised promotion, among other things. Mr. Hicks has agreed not to reveal the terms of the separation for a specific period of time. In other words, J Records/RCA didn't give Hicks what they promised, he wants more artistic freedom and better promotion, he was able to get out of his contract and he has agreed not to reveal any details at this time. Bear in mind that the new season of American Idol is coming up, and they can't afford more negative publicity - look how badly their treatment of Mr. Hicks impacted last season's show."

Posted by: fromtheinside on 01/08/2008 06:38 AM


Anonymous said...

Look how badly AI's treatment of Taylor impacted last season's show? That's some ego talking there. Treatment of Taylor had nothing--repeat--nothing to do with last season's ratings. Last season was on the downside due to lack of multiple talent like Taylor, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Elliott Yamin, etc. Season 5 was laden with personality, likeability, and talent which season 6 sorely lacked and yielded only one or two CD worthy contestants. Treatment of Taylor had nothing to do with the poor viewership. Get real.

WOO said...

Ummm Taylor headlined that show and won by the biggest margin ever. He was also given the unprecendented reprise performance as a reward for his leadership in popularity week after week. (JHR Elvis week)I agree the whole cast played a part in the season's success. Too bad the producers casting and trashing of TH (their winner!) marked the end of what was an entertaining show. Now the arrogant Nigel Lithgoe has the NERVE to publically say, America got it wrong! Say that again to all of those who lined your pockets with ratings and text messaging kickbacks.They should all pile into Simon Cowell's Bentley and see if it floats back home to England!! And the funniest part is now Fox is considering Paula Abdul to do the superbowl halftime entertainment! They must all be drinking from her "coke" cup.