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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Unqualified Success in CD Sales - Except to American Idol!?

Interesting article from the L.A. Times yesterday. They write what most of Taylor's fans already know (and most people in the music industry know as well). American Idol is not interested in developing artists - all they're interested in is someone who can move millions of CDs instantaneously - they want their pop flavor of the month NOW!

The article, in part, states:
We can ponder while we await Boshnack's appearance next year. So yes, "American Idol" needs a hit, and a hit in "Idol's" world doesn't mean selling 700,000 CDs, as Hicks did, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That kind of number would be considered an unqualified success for many of today's artists, but "Idol" isn't in the business of selling art -- it's about creating the kind of CD cover that looks good on the shelves at electronic stores.

Rest the rest here:

And this article:

Away from the show, those associated with “Idol” are having some major difficulties. Within two months, two former winners – Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks – and a runner-up — Katharine McPhee – were released from their record contracts.

They were dropped mostly because of their terrible sales in comparison to former “Idol” standouts. None of the three’s recent albums went platinum, something expected of “Idol” superstars. The albums of season six’s final two, Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, have also failed in a way that people aren’t used to

The biggest problem with these events is that the big-wigs behind the “Idol” machine are the ones who are failing, not the talent. It’s as if they don’t realize the landscape of music has changed since the show debuted. Illegal downloading is even more prevalent than it was back then, crippling sales.

The “Idol” people think that this doesn’t apply to their talent, seemingly believing that millions of votes each week equal sales. The labels refuse to re-mold their business plan and instead continuously trot out their talent as “from American Idol” and expect that to work. The thing is, it doesn’t. Not all of the winners’ styles fit the classic “Idol” mold and the labels should have recognized that and promoted them differently.

Amen to that.

Read the rest here:


Anonymous said...

Very insightful. More of the media needs to report on the real state of the recording industry, instead of putting the "failure" on the shoulders of the artists who have actually sold very well. If it is not plain old pop or rock they don't promote it.I think if they did promote different types of music they could be suurprised to learn that the public is more then willing to buy it.

Trixi said...

I read an article yesterday that was talking about Alicia Keys newest CD had flopped opening week, by only selling 60,000 copies. They also listed 2 or 3 other artist who 1st week sales were weak.

On AI this season, there seems to be a lot of "soul singers". I wonder if one of them eventually wins, are they not going to promote that winner like they did with Taylor?

To me by not promoting the winners cd, aren't they just shooting themselves in the foot?

With all the articles and talk about the music industries decline, you would think they would be rushing to change their game plan. Maybe Clive is just too old to accept change.

Anonymous said...

This year, Idol is hedging it's bets, by placing about a dozen "plants" in the Top 24. Artists, who have had major record deals, and lost them. Artists that have ties to Idol, or someone connected to Idol. They don't want originality, they want sales. Good for them, but not good for the contestants they promise promotion to, and fail to deliver.

cochem said...

Alicia Keys was the #1 album this week with 60,519 sales..It was the 2nd lowest (dreamgirls in 2006 same week was 60,000)since Soundscan starting keeping track since 1991...Alicia Keys album came out on November 13 and has sold 2,786,454 copies to date.. Her opening week sold 743,612

this weeks billboard
1 KEYS*ALICIA AS I AM 60,519 70,267 -14 2,786,454

her opening week
N 1 KEYS*ALICIA AS I AM 742,426 999 1,175 743,612