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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Taylor Hicks - "It's Not Easy Singing The Blues..."

‘Idol’ sings the blues in Manila
By Fran Katigbak
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:07:00 01/01/2008

It’s not easy singin’ the blues to an audience whose daily dose of music comes from skinny teenyboppers, booty-shaking divas and bling-clad “boys from the ’hood.”

Not if you are gray-haired and inclined to play the harmonica or if your dancing looks drug-induced.

But just as he defied pop stereotypes when he won “American Idol” Season 5, soul singer Taylor Hicks also proved it pays to stay true to his style and brand of music.

Filipino fans, even those as young as 6, watched the 31-year-old artist in a series of shows recently sponsored by the Ayala Malls in Manila.

At the show in TriNoma, Hicks was in his element singing tracks from his self-titled album as well as songs he composed early in his career. Of course, not to be missed were the Alabama native’s harmonica-playing and the manic, footloose moves that became his trademark on “AI.”

The chemistry was apparent between the artist and the all-Pinoy band led by composer Louie Ocampo, who had arranged the songs in the program. In fact, the audience would erupt in cheers and wild applause each time Hicks and Ocampo matched antics on the harmonica and keyboards.

The rest of the band had the chance to shine as well. At one point in the show, Hicks introduced each member who then worked up a brief solo on his or her instrument.

Perhaps the only hitch was the fog machine, which produced more artificial smoke than necessary. A wide screen should have been installed to project close-up video shots for the benefit of those behind the VIP/special-pass area.

We also wish Hicks had walked to the audience in “Taking it to the Streets,” like he did on the “AI” finale, but we understand the danger it might pose to security.

The mini-concert put the spotlight on the 2006 “American Idol” as artist and performer. Soulful, energetic, passionate with his music, Taylor Hicks has, indeed, given us reason to be proud of him.

Source: Inquirer.Net

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cochem said...

Griz, another great article from the Asian press....What amazes me is that they are still talking about him 12 days later....I think in time we will see the US press start to come around and give him some props...we can hope anyway....WOO it is now 2008...bring on the DVD, the album, and the new tour...I am so ready...