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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Another Light On Broadway Has Been Lit!

Okay folks, I just have no words to tell you all the pride I'm feeling as I read the many accounts of his performance in Grease from those who attended. It just goes to show me that Taylor Hicks can do anything as a performer - that nothing is out of his reach or grasp or capability, whether it's being a platinum selling recording artist, or a dirty-ass bar blues singer in some hole-in-the wall club, a business-savy guy who is opening up a 6,000 sq. ft nightclub in Birmingham Al, wowing a television audience and getting 67 million people to vote for him as their American Idol Winner '06, or performing on a Broadway stage and bringing both a bunch of hard core New Yawkers and tourists to their feet in roaring applause. Taylor F. Hicks is a STAR, people, and don't forget that and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

BTW, do check out the 2008 Tony Awards Sunday, June 15th 8/7c where Taylor is more than likely going to make at least an appearance on the show. And if we're lucking a few red carpet pictures! And then on Friday, check out Regis and Kelly (June 13th) for a performance from the cast of *Grease*, and a song from Taylor!

If you'd like to download Beauty School Dropout, here you go:

Thanks to Diane and Tappanga for the video!

From Getty Images! This so friggin' KEWL! This will be displayed at the Planet Hollywood in Times Square!

Here is the insert from the Playbill (click to enlarge):

There are many pictures from last night to look at. Check out TaysHarmonica's Website, RightClickSave, for some AWESOME pictures of Taylor from the performance and from Planet Hollywood where he left his hand-prints (and harmonica prints) for the restaurant. Here's some of my faves:

(With "Frenchy")

With Max Crum and Laura Osnes (Danny & Sandy)


Trixi said...

Thanks to whoever was "breaking the rules" getting us rabid Taylor fans our fix! Too bad you can see more of him on the video. He sounded awesome.

His hair in the first few pics reminds me of Conway Twitty's haha.
The 1st pic makes me think of Elvis!

Wow....I wish I could make it NY to see this. At first I though it's just one scene..but wow what a scene.

I'm sitting here grinning ear to ear after seeing all of this.

Woooooooooo.Taylor..way to go!!!
Can't wait for Regis and Kelly..I hope he'll be in costume!!

Anonymous said...

Your soo right Griz - Talor F. Hicks is a STAR! He was MEANT to perform. I am soo stoked about this Broadway performance. He looks and sounds AMAZING!

There are a handful of "fans" on a couple of other blogs who are upset with him doing Broadway. They seem to want to pigeonhole Taylor into only the bar blues singer - he does that well, but there is sooo much more to him than that. I think he can achieve ANYTHING he puts his mind on. Too bad for these few - they sure are missing out on a hell of a ride!


WOO said...

I think he looks a little Wayne Newtonish in the first photo which I find rather humerous going back to the GC days! And I believe he said David Archawhatever was like a young Wayne Newton...maybe Taylor had already previewed his look and saw the same resemblence in himself:)
I adore the full out guffaw of the last photo...simply precious!
He nailed this performance and to think he now has another under his belt already! It was a long night for the SP:)And Taylor's family just grew exponentially. I believe he will enjoy his castmates very much and learn and teach. I also believe Taylor is quite capable of dramatic roles if he is so inclined. I am so happy he has this gig!

Pat said...

I cannot express how happy I am for Taylor. He did an amazing job, just amazing!

And to the Soul Patrol who are ever faithful, enthusiastic and exuberant and just plain over the top joyous at his success. I have a big 'ol grin on my face too and I think it's going to be there a long, long time.

Thank you to EVERYONE for making these available to those of us that cannot get to NY to see this.

Bless you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he looks like a gray headed Johnny Bravo. lol

Love him. Can't wait to see him.

tishlp said...

Loving every minute of his performance and I can't wait to go see it this summer.

Sandy said...

Hey there Griz~

Looks like you kinda sorta like that Taylor Hicks guy?


You've got quite the blog here...I'm gonna take a look around!

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read somewhere that someone got some footage of the curtain call and the hand jive number?


soulthing said...

Dee - yep! Check it out here: