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Monday, June 30, 2008

Taylor Hicks - "Heart Full of Soul - An Inspirational Memoir About Finding Your Voice and Finding Your Way"

According to EBook Publishing, Taylor's 2007 Random House autobiography is a hot seller! Now isn't that interesting! Could be that all the positive publicity regarding his Broadway debut in *Grease* is peaking people's interest in him and possibly seeking out his book. If you haven't gotten yours, you should pick one up! It's a great read and lends all kinds of insight in Taylor's journey from unknown bar-singer to international superstar. Available at any of the big name bookstores or order it here from amazon.com.

The website, dated today, reads:

"...One of the Internet's top online book stores, Best Book Publish also offers a strong selection of works by celebrity authors. Some current celebrity books that are hot sellers include "Heart Full of Soul'' by American Idol Taylor Hicks; "Golf Monster'' by rock legend Alice Cooper; Barbara Walters' "Audition"; and Eric Clapton's autobiography "Clapton..."


Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Yep, I think this Grease gig is definitely peaking interest in alot of people who have not followed Taylor's career since AI.

I've read this book twice - definitely worth buying!


Trixi said...

Maybe all the people that have wondered what happen to Taylor are finally finding out.

Also with gas prices the way they are, maybe people are staying home and reading more?

They couldn't find a better book to read.

juliegr said...

Good point -- it is an easy summer read! Entertaining, touching, and revealing.

Some "sophisticated" people probably think it's beneath them to read books that aren't on the NY Times Book Review but this is a quick read and has some funny moments.

skeeter226 said...

I've read it many times, and its very inspirational to me.

Does anyone know where I can get the full version of the audio book? I bought the audio book from I-tunes and I just love listening to his voice on my I-pod (stuffed up nose and all...lol) but it doesn't have everything the book does.