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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daughtry, Underwood, Hicks: The Ass Lickers vs. the Bad Ass!

It seems Simon Fuller, one of the executive producers of AI, got married this past weekend in Napa Valley, CA. He invited Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood to attend [BIG surprise *belch*]. That same weekend, further south in Los Angeles, American Idol's other executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, gets an achievement award at the SHARE, Inc. event that Taylor Hicks was supposed to headline. As it turned out, Taylor blew off the event at the last minute (apparently coming to his senses) to focus his attention on more important matters like settling into his new digs in NYC and rehearsing for his Broadway Debut in Grease.

Now, considering the above scenario, I have a question for you. Of Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks, who are the ass-lickers and who is the bad-ass? Who is liberated enough to control his own career and who are the puppet tools still tied by the gonads to the American Idol corporation?

Must be such a relief to Taylor not to have completely sold his soul to his 'owners', eh? Free. At. Last.

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Pamela said...

Somehow I don't think Taylor ever committed to Nigel's function. They probably talked to his management and used his name in their ads but the whole thing was nixed as soon as the ads came out and Taylor found out Nigel was involved.

Anonymous said...

It does seem as though Taylor goes out of his way to avoid AI. Last year he was too busy on tour to make an appearance and this year he was on a cruise to Italy during the finals week. Then he is a no-show at the SHARE event. Hmmm...
I'm still wondering what that AI commmitment was that Taylor alluded to in that interview he gave???

Doesn't surprise me that CD and Carrie Underwood were at Simon Fuller's wedding. After all these two are the biggest money makers for him. And yes, these two are the biggest ass lickers and puppet tools tied to the AI conglomerate.


Anonymous said...

Oh and BTW Griz - that is one "bad ass" picture of Taylor in those shades. Love it!


Trixi said...

The score is: Ass Lickers 2, Bad Ass 1

That's one game that's worth losing!

skeeter226 said...

Free. At. Last. Yes indeed, and I couldn't be happier for him.

On another note, what a GREAT picture Griz. I haven't seen that one in a while, and he DOES look like a Bad Ass in this picture. Between this pic, and the one beneath with the great tan, you are killin' me here! Dont stop.

Candy :-)

juliegr said...

No question about the ass lickers/ass kissers!!! Without a doubt Taylor is the ass kicker bar none!

Congratulations to him for holding his own in the dog-eat-dog world of American Idol.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, look at the hawt picture of Taylor in those sunglasses and then glance over to your right and look at baldy! If that comparison isn't frickin hilarious! You set that up on purpose didn't you Griz?


soulthing said...

Moi? Do that on purpose? Isn't that the way Daughtry always looks? Heh....

Evil I am! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Daughtry was the ring bearer...his height is about right for that.

bwahahaha...I kill me!


Anonymous said...

blondebabe says:

One good looking hot american man with the right stuff is a kick ass bad ass...Taylor Hicks.

The other two...not just ass lickers, but...OWNED by the machine making them PUPPETS!

BTW..........Taylor is on E tonight already saw him around 8...it is the countdown 10 show comes back on at 12 est...you know how they re run those shows...shows Taylor in the previews at a glance...then a small clip about him being on BROADWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our man is making it big...love that he is on E...and yes, with one of the above posters...FREE~!

Anonymous said...

No doubt Taylor can be the bad ass. I think CD & CU took the safe, unimaginative road perhaps because their vision was not as clear for themselves as Taylor's was for himself.

Hope they like being around Nigel & Simon...looks like they're stuck with them for awhile.


'Better to be by yourself than in bad company'

Stephanie said...

This post reminds me of this video.


Trixi said...

Stephanie said...
This post reminds me of this video.

OMG.....I have never seen that video.. It is freaking hilarious!!!

Thanks for the link Stephanie

Anonymous said...

This video is .... I'm speechless. Whoever put this together has one hell of an imagination. Very, very entertaining and funny as hell! Taylor would laugh his ass off if he saw this video.


tishlp said...

BWHAHAHAHAHA, that video is hilarious. I've seen the Chuck Norris video about Taylor, but never that one.

Anonymous said...

Well, Carrie and Chris should have been at the wedding. They no doubt paid for it.
Tay would rather keep his money for himself. LOL

soulthing said...

"one who knows said" and "anon":