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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Curtain Call for Grease #2! Awesome!

More great media from Skeeter! Thank you girl! This is awesome footage!

Taylor in the Curtain Call - Grease - 6-10-08

Taylor in the wind/rain storm right after the show before his 2 security guys whisked him off!

Stay tuned for more goodies!


Anonymous said...

Looks like there's two bald burly security guards with him now. Great up close footage Skeeter!

griz- did you say more goodies? Can't wait!

WOO said...

FABULOUS! Thx Skeeter and Griz!

juliegr said...

Skeeter and her magic recording skillz! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! God I wish I could go. Can't wait for more goodies. Thanks Griz!


Crazymomelon said...

Wow! Thanks again, skeeter!!
And thank YOU, griz!

deeppurple said...

Wonderful!!! God bless those that make vids and share them so those of us who can't go can still see this.

Anonymous said...

So a lady carried his costume to the car or just his street clothes? and who is the lady?

I so appreciate the time and effort griz and skeeter have gone to bring us the vids. Guard them well !


Trixi said...

I wonder if being bald is a requirement to be a body gaurd?

Thanks for all the hard work everyone does bringing us these vids!!

Lubiana said...

Thanks for having a place where we can watch the goodies Griz!

chill said...

Thanks, skeeter and griz, and anyone else involved in the making of these videos. LOL!! I have been waiting and waiting for you tube versions. My goodness, the press this guy is getting is just fantastic!