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Friday, June 6, 2008

Taylor Hicks Debuts in *Grease* Tonight!

Tonight, Taylor Hicks will make his Broadway debut in *Grease*! Who would have thought that this guy from Birmingham, AL, who relentlessly knocked on doors that never opened and who struggled for 10 years to make it in the music business is now a Broadway star! Well, not exactly a Broadway star *yet*, but I am certain he will blow the roof off of the Brooks Atkinson theater with a completely taylorized version of that 50's 'classic' - Beauty School Dropout!

Is it wrong that I spent the better part of last night and today listening to the Frankie Avalon version of Beauty School Dropout on YouTube? Maybe it eases my nerves to think that if I can memorize the lyrics, certainly Taylor can, right? Right...

"...Your story sad to tell,
A teenage ne'er do well,
Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block!
Your future's so unclear now,
What's left of your career now?
Can't even get a trade in on your smile!

Angels: (La lalala lalala lalala...)..."

There are a LOT of words to that song and I'll admit I'm a wee-bit nervous for him (and I know I shouldn't be) because he's a pro, but what if he messes up the lyrics?!?? ACK!!! Okay, calm down, self, he'll be fine! In the words of Randy Jackson, "No matter what the song is you know how to make it into a Taylor Hicks vehicle".

The rush of pride that his family and friends will be feeling as they sit in the audience to watch him perform will be a completely overwhelming experience, I suspect - and for Taylor as well.

".... I won't wait til I'm a star on Broadway..." How prophetic those words are and how ironic is it that he decided to record the song well over 10 years ago. Break A Leg, Taylor!


tishlp said...

I can't even imagine what Taylor is feeling today. It's a probably a mixture of excitement, nerves, and concentration.

Hopefully he had a glass of milk before retiring last night, without the donuts though, LOL. :)

Trixi said...

Griz..I was just thinking the same about Taylor and the lyrics. We know what problems he has with those. I'm pretty certain he will ACE them today.

I wish the best of luck to him and knock'em dead Taylor.

The Soul Patrol is behind you!!!

Carolyn said...

griz, just love hearing NYSOM playing. His voice is just beautiful on this, isn't it? Thanks for letting it play over us while we read. It was so nice spending some time here on your site. I, too, am nervous, but more excited than nervous. He has never disappointed me and I know he will be trying his very best. Plus, he'll have all of us praying and supporting him and wishing him well. Hope that will lift him up a bit, too. How exciting for him and for his family! I just can't wait to hear about it!

Carolyn said...

Gosh, I just had to stay a bit longer and read some more while I listened to the rest of the music you have here. His music is just awesome! He is just wonderful to listen to and appreciate more each time you hear a song that he does. His voice and styings are amazing! I loved exploring your blog more too. I'll be back! Thanks!

Your Voice said...

I'm happy that Hicks is getting somewhere! He's going to release a new album soon! http://americanidolseasons.blogspot.com

WOO said...

Opening night "On Broadway"! How exciting for Taylor and his family! I have no fears about the lyrics, Griz, Taylor has been probably singing this in his sleep for last few months. And he is rehearsed onstage for all of his blocking and choreography.

I'm curious about the ins and outs of his transportation. Will he have a car service? or try to walk to and have pick up service. Or will it be so crowded with fans that the NYPD will have to set up barriers for fans to keep in check. I have spent many a night at the stage door and have met some big names Julie Andrews, Bernadette Peters, Donna Murphy,Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Nourri, among others less recognizable, and the range of circumstances were widely different. Fans show up even if they do not go to the show-so it could turn out to be a long autograph session. Being a second act call might help him slip into the BA unnoticed. But fans will know where he is and the approximate time after the musical. Julie and Bernadette both came out at least an hour or longer and fans patiently waited chatting with each other and jockeying for position on the "rope" while NYC's finest stayed nearby on horseback. Both of those were at the Maroitt Marquee which is closer to Times Square which served to draw even bigger crowds.Julie did not sign but walked a guantlet giving greetings and getting her picture taken. Her children would pull up in an SUV with her dog in it. Others just walkout and keep walking and let you walk along and talk. I only did the stage door thing when my dds were with me so that usually prolonged any attention. But it sure was fun-especially through their eyes when they would see other kids like the ones from King and I or Daisy Egan from The Secret Garden or the kids from Music Man. Ah to be there tonight! Taylor is going to be just terrific!

juliegr said...

What a wonderful day!!

The birds are singing, the weather is cool and tonight we finally get some information (hopefully) about Taylor's opening in Grease on Broadway. Thanks for keeping the excitement level high and the fans/readers involved.

Anonymous said...

So much excitement and anticipation! Wonder how soon before we will hear how Taylor performed tonight?

Knock their socks off tonight Taylor!


Anonymous said...

I'm here at work & I can't think of anything but Taylor's performance tonight. I'm so excited I can't stand it!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the news about his debut.