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Thursday, June 19, 2008


...."comprised MOSTLY?? of his pre-Idol tunes?... What do y'all make of that? Could there be some new songs on the Early Works CD? Things that make you go hmm!?

Here's a blurb from the NY Post.

June 20, 2008 -- 'AMERICAN Idol" winner Taylor Hicks has finally landed with a record label more in-tune with his personality.

Vanguard Records, the longtime purveyor of jazz, blues and folk, has agreed to distribute Hicks' next album, which he plans to cut on his own label, Modern Whomp Records.

The disc is expected to be comprised mostly of Hicks' pre-"Idol" tunes and is slated for release in August.

Hicks is currently appearing as the "Teen Angel" in Broadway's "Grease."


juliegr said...

"Could there be some new songs on the Early Works CD? Things that make you go hmm!?"

Most definitely -- can't wait to find out what he's been squirelling away in the family garage! haha

Thanks for the scoop, Griz.

Lubiana said...

I'm still wondering about the whole "Gray Charles is in charge of the Modern Whomp Records site" thing. I surely, surely hope it's true. I would LOVE to have Gray a part of things again.

Anonymous said...

This was probably picked up from the internet, they added a little more misinformation, and now people will think this is the new album Taylor's been talking about in recent interviews, when in fact it's not. It can be a problem when fans decide they need to be his PR machine and don't wait for him to announce things when he's ready.