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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taylor Hicks Hangs From a 10 Story Building in NYC!

Yes indeed he does! I'm pretty sure all his fans have seen this, but if you happen to be in NYC on 47th and 7th Ave. this summer, you might want to look up because THIS beautiful vision will be in your sight. Taylor is receiving some of the best publicity and attention he's ever gotten since his win on American Idol in Season 5. Those publicists on Broadway know how to promote their own people eh? Clive and Co. should take notes. And come to think of it, I would be glad to send Simon this giant bigger-than-lifesize, 10 story poster of Mr. Hicks to stick his gum on! Heh! In fact, I'll have to send him a BIG sky-lift to bring his fat ego up to Taylor's level - all the way up on the 10th floor! Read this and weep Nigel -"starring Taylor Hicks". Notice no mention of "American Idol Winner" on that ad?

Maybe on next season's backdrops, Taylor won't be decapitated again and get stuck behind the potted plant. Ya think? Pfttt. Does it really matter anymore? Nope!

Thanks to DeeDee56 for the picture!


chris said...

So many good things about seeing this going thru my mind.

And the fact that there is no mention of AI just makes it that much sweeter.

trixi said...

I wonder what they do with those when their done? Maybe we can start a petition and see if they'll donate it to the Soul Patrol....then we can send it to Simon!!! We can put a big note on it....Hey Simon..Kiss My Ass!!!