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Friday, June 6, 2008

Taylor Hicks Blows the Roof Off Of The Brooks Atkinson Theater According to Theater Goers!

SUCCESS folks!! Okay, I'm getting bits and pieces from those who attended Taylor's opening night in Grease. Thanks to everyone at The Boogie who posted these little tid-bits for us to enjoy (TaysHarmonica, Bates, Diane, Juliegr, Skeeter, AmyH and anyone else I forgot to mention). You guys rock! So here we go....

Those who sent gifts, cards and balloons will be happy to know that they are all sitting in a room all their own at the theater! I can only imagine how MUCH stuff he got - and yes Taylor has his own dressing room it has been reported. Taylor F. Hicks is IN DA BUILDING folks! Heh!

Anyway, even before the show started, one of the stage hands who saw a rehearsal said he was "fucking awesome"! I love that! For tonight's performance, he wore what appeared to be a black sequined suit with a white sequined shirt and white patent boots. He sang from a big ice-cream cone at first, then descended down to the stage, the cone opened up and then proceeded to sing to 'Frenchy' (damn lucky girl!) He sat in that ice cream cone during scene before his. I have conflicting reports about the pompadour hairstyle he was wearing - not sure yet if it was his own hair that was teased or a wig. Then he went back into the ice cream cone, played the harmonica again and did his signature Ray Charles 'head toss'. He remembered EVERY LAST WORD of the song, the pro that he is, and 'camped up the performance' - even did some falsetto! (Ignore any troll that says otherwise - trust me). The performance was called a "showstopper"! And most of all, he appeared to be having FUN and totally hamming it up! The audience was cheering and screaming after he left.

At the curtain call there were "tons" of photographers rushing the stage. A lot of people in audience took pics as well. During the cast performance at the end, he had a few short solos and he sang, "Grease is the word" as a solo line. He also did the hand jive with his harmonica. Without question, Taylor got the loudest response from the audience. He was "glowing" when he exited the stage doors. He signed everything and talked to everybody. He was signing playbills, etc. (some people even had his book). The playbills weren't reprinted yet with his picture, but there was an insert with his picture and bio. He had an SUV waiting for him and he had to leave quickly. The cast came out and he took some pictures with them as well. One of the women actresses said there was an after party for Taylor at Planet Hollywood. While there, Taylor left his hand-prints and the press was out in full force snapping away (look for pictures soon!). Okay that's all for now - more to come!


ms.sonny said...

Thanks for the synopsis Griz!
LOVE LOVE That Taylor Blew them away!Like he wouldn't?
someone posted that I reported he missed a line?
I was quoting the trolls at Rydell an laughing at their ignorance.
sheesh thay are vicious folks..
sorry to all if that got lost in the shuffle.

anyway our boy done good!

I am so proud of him at this moment I could just burst!

No more counting heads for Mr. Taylor Hicks. EVER!1

On top of everthing else he brings
He's a Bonifide Broadway Star!

amazing..just amazing

just sayin

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice summary griz!

Can't wait to see him next week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I can't wait for the pics and hopefully some video of this evenings events.


tishlp said...

Awesome, just awesome!!

Trixi said...

Sounds like he did awesome. The pics of him at Planet Hollywood are great. He is beaming from ear to ear. That has to be such a great feeling for him.

Way to knock them dead...We knew you were going to all along.

Anonymous said...

Soul Thing,
You said on another board that you'd hate to be the guy that follows Taylor on Sept. 7th. Ha!
Me Too! That guy will have to eat fire and "you know what" bottle rockets! bwhahahaha