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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taylor Hicks - More Grease Media

Thank you Diane for this great video from Planet Hollywood in Times Square!

Thank you Skeeter/Candy for this great video of the curtain call! Now THIS is some funny stuff!

Thanks to Dee for this autograph signing session after the show!

Thanks again to Skeeter/Candy for this footage outside the Stage Door - Part 1

Stage Door - Part 2

Skeeter's footage of Taylor at Planet Hollywood - Part 1

Planet Hollywood - Part 2


Anonymous said...

Taylor effing Hicks: Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Van Morrison, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder (harp), George Clooney and Gene Kelly (Lol) rolled into ONE!

tishlp said...

Wow, just Wow! Taylor was featured twice during the curtain call. Wow!

claireb7tx said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! What a fun video. I love Taylor...he is a performer through and through.

juliegr said...

That was a great curtain call and you did an excellent job, Skeeter, focusing on the action and music. Hope you were able to enjoy the fun!

Thanks for all you did and thanks Griz!

crazymomelon said...

Great video, skeeter!
I'm so glad you got to see the show and bring back the 'goods'.
Love that Taylor is featured so prominently in the curtain call.
Thanks to Diane for the great video of the Planet Hollywood event.
And thank YOU griz, for this most excellent site.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just now saw this curtain call video. Taylor was awesome! Definitely a natural born performer. All you lucky girls who were there and filmed all of this -YOU GUYS ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Griz and Skeeter for the video. Maybe Taylor's next step will be in movies!

Anonymous said...

I can't make vimeo work on my computer! Can anybody help?

Anonymous said...

For posting this video and Skeeter for taking her time to catch this on video!
I'm so happy to see Taylor fall right in with the others, it looks like he has been doing it for a long time. Looks like his first night was a big one! Love your site Griz I'm here several times a day you are right on top of all Taylor news. Oh by the way I noticed on Randy's album some song was way up on top of chart would you check that out please? I think it's the one Paula is singing must be paying the payola to get it way up the charts. CJ

Trixi said...

It was nice to see a lot of men standing outside waiting for autographs. They were even smiling.

The curtain call video is awesome. This is the perfect show for Taylor to get his feet wet with.

Thanks to everyone for capturing the videos and pics.

A big thanks to Griz for having an awesome to see them on.

Coun1100 said...

Thanks Griz! I love your blog and visit this site daily for the lastest breaking news on Taylor! Taylor has arrived folks in a very big way!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew Taylor would do well, he has such charisma and talent! Even though i like David Cook, idol has not had the excitement that Taylor brought to the stage. Thanks for this great blog, i check it every day and enjoy it very much.
Sherry (beaglemom06)

Anonymous said...

Diane, Skeeter, and everyone else that shared their media.. a great big thank you to you all!

griz- thank you for hosting it!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody think it's funny that Taylor is larger (taller) than his body guards?

What's up with wiennie body guards?

hahahhahahhahahha! Taylor could whip the body guards @ss!!!!

juliegr said...

Yes, I noticed Taylor is taller than his bodyguards AND than a lot of the performers in the play.

Betcha those bodyguards could throw a mean tackle through and get your around the knees. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Don't let that dude's tiny-ness fool you.. he was a burly mean guy! LOL!