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Friday, June 27, 2008

Who Needs a Tony When You Got Taylor Hicks!

And the good press just keeps on rolling....

“Grease” is getting more than a second wind on Broadway. The satisfying revival of the popular musical just got two new leads in the production, Ashley Spencer and Derek Keeling, both came from the television casting show “You’re The One That I Want” but were runners-up. Even better for the show is that the New York Post’s Michael Riedel (who else?) reports that the arrival of Taylor Hicks on Broadway has been a huge bonus at the box-office, Riedel’s source estimates he’s worth at least an additional $150,000 a week in ticket sales..."

-Broadway Magazine, Broadway.tv


Myra22 said...

Awesome. Excited to get to NYC to see it. How long is he there? Does he do other songs than Teen Angel?

soulthing said...

Hey myra - he'll be in the show until Sept 7, so catch him while you can! :) The only song he sings is Beauty School Dropout, but it's a show-stopper and a definitely highlight from those who have seen it! If you go, come back and tell us about it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey soul thing,

He also sing the title song at the end.


By the way, why should you get over it? move on? I haven't either ha ha (and you know what I am referring to)

soulthing said...

Hey p - Oh yea, that's right, Taylor sings Barry Gibb's "Grease" during the curtain call! Forgot about that!

And yea, get over it! LOL... BULLSHIT! Never never never...... can you believe that nonsense? Sigh...

Pamela said...

I love the article and loved your site... but I'm deleting it from my list due to your Obama slogan. We've talked for years griz/soulthing and I've enjoyed it but I won't come to this site anymore.

soulthing said...

pamela - I'm just curious why you had such a negative reaction the Obama slogan?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pamela. Let's leave politics out of our Taylor adventures.

ST, you have many readers from the red states (Taylor is from a red state - don't know his political preferences but know where he is from)and I know how many people from that area of the country feel - very conservative politically. Obama doesn't sit well with a lot of people in the South.

You would do well in my opinion to take that slogan off. But it's your blog.


Anonymous said...

I am from a red state, but I am an Obama supporter...not all who live in the South are conservative...Thank God for that!

soulthing said...

Thanks to all the political advice, but the Obama logo stays until November and then after he takes office, I'll take it down :)

And welcome to all the 'red-state' free thinking Taylor Hicks fans - and of course the blue-state fans as well - and everyone in-between!

I'm shocked that people would let politics interfer with supporting Taylor, but I guess I was wrong.

Peace out!