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Thursday, May 15, 2008

AP Press Release: "Taylor Hicks to play Teen Angel in Broadway's `Grease'"

Taylor Hicks to play Teen Angel in Broadway's `Grease'
By ERIN CARLSON – 1 hour ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Taylor Hicks is going from "Idol" to "Angel."

The "American Idol" alum will join the Broadway cast of "Grease" on June 6, playing Teen Angel in the revival of the popular musical.

The gray-haired singer — whose "Idol" fan base was called "The Soul Patrol" — said he plans to add "soulful flavor" to his performance of "Beauty School Dropout." The flashy role, he said, is "a classic fit for a classic performer."

"It's a big number, and, you know, I've made some pretty grand entrances before," Hicks told The Associated Press on Thursday. "And this one is probably the grandest entrance I've had in my career."

Well, besides "Idol." Hicks, 31, took home the title in the fifth season of the top-rated Fox show — the biggest stage on television.

He later lost his record deal with J Records, a label within Sony-BMG, which signs the show's singers, and had been looking for the perfect part to make his debut on The Great White Way.

"If you're gonna be a great entertainer and you're gonna be a great performer, than these are the things that you have to do to season yourself in that manner," said Hicks, who views this "opportunity of a lifetime" as a way to improve his "Idol"-tested skills.

The Alabama-born crooner's run ends Sept. 7. He'll be the latest "Idol" to hit Broadway, following runs by season-three winner Fantasia Barrino ("The Color Purple") and a host of also-rans including Clay Aiken ("Spamalot"), Diana DeGarmo ("Hairspray") and Constantine Maroulis ("The Wedding Singer").

Hicks' self-titled, post-"Idol" album, released in December 2006, has sold a respectable 702,000 copies, according to Nielsen Soundscan data. But it didn't reach the 1 million mark or register a hit song, unlike previous "Idol" winners.

This summer, Hicks intends to finish up a follow-up album — on his own terms.

"I've had the creative freedom and the time to write some of the best music that I've ever written in my whole life. ... The options are unlimited and there has been some great interest now that I'm a free agent, so to speak," he said.

Source: AP


WOO said...

Griz-You are an awesome blogger! Taylor is going to have a blast Living in the City:)

Trixi said...

What a great thing for Taylor..even more exposure. He will do great. I can see him with big feathery wings flying over the stage. I wonder if he'll be wearing leotards?

Will this interfere with the Wolf Trap gig/Sgt. Pepper thing? Wasn't it scheduled for sometime in August?

wow..can't believe Taylor on Broadway.

Anonymous said...

Taylor needed this publicity. I'm seeing his name out there on alot of entertainment news blogs today.

This is a perfect move for him (despite what a few other fans may think). He gets tons of exposure and is a win win situation for Taylor. He will make money this summer so that he can get back out on the road promoting his new CD with that kick-ass band he had on his last tour (which I'm sure is not cheap). Way to go Taylor!


Anonymous said...

I think it is a great opportunity for him though some of the fanbase are somewhat stunned.

What do they want him to do? Stay in Birmingham all summer, sitting in with bands he's played with many times over and not grow musically? Play a paid gig here and there? Play a benefit occassionally? Sit around and wait for cd to come out and tour to happen?


Get off his arse and go do something that is a stretch, a challenge while he works on new cd? Possibly gain a whole different set of new fans? Spend the summer in freaking NYC? Be near infamous NYC recording studios? Hit the after-hours NYC blues clubs and sit in with different musicians?

Gee, doesn't sound like the rumblings of the naysayers makes sense, does it?

Soul Thing - sorry for the long thesis, P

trixi said...

People are complaining about him on Broadway? WTF... he is doing exactly what he needs to be doing. Keeping his face and name out there. Network, network and more network. The more people you know, the more opportunities come your way.

I am very happy for Taylor. Now I have got to figure out how to get enough money to go see the show and have enough left for when his new cd tour starts!!!

Anonymous said...

At the expense of appearing crass,,,,just how much maoney do you make having a role on Broadway. Is he compenasted for his temporary living expenses?

Anonymous said...

money,,,,compensated sorry for the typos, Guess, I appeared stupid instead of crass :)

Anonymous said...

Look I don't know about his financial status..but just common sense tells me that he is not hurting that bad.

In the last 2 years he has made money on the AI tour, the Ford commercial, cd, book, Spring Tour and Summer Tour, private appearances, etc. All the while he has virtually few expenses, just himself - no family, mortgage, etc. So why wouldn't he be doing at least okay $$$$wise?

This Broadway thing may just be for the experience/connections aspect and maybe he just wants to break-even as far as money goes.

Taylor appears at least to me not to lead a very expensive lifestyle.

Of course, I don't really know if I am right. I have no connections, just a fan.