Woman's Gotta Have It
Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
Song available on Taylor's new album, The Distance.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Hottness That Is Taylor Hicks!

Just because it's so hot! Enjoy!

Hollywood Nights-Taylor Hicks from Strawgirl on Vimeo.


juliegr said...

Hotter than hot! Most fans finally got a chance to see the unchained Taylor Hicks in these videos and it was more than I expected.

Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Taylor seems to make all the muscians he works with play better. He is a great front man as well as a great singer/entertainer. Keep up the good work as I try to check in daily.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my VERY favorite Taylor performances EVER. To me this is the real Taylor - so much raw emotion. He really lays it all out on this one. I play this MP3 alot - haven't seen the video for awhile. Thanks for posting this Griz!