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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taylor Hicks Is Back - Ready To Turn Heads - Again!

Taylor gave an exclusive interview to Fox News in Mobile, Al. He talked about his life, the songs he's been writing, his upcoming album and his other upcoming projects. Here is the interview and video. Part 2 of the interview will be up tomorrow.

GULF SHORES, Ala. -- It's been two years since Birmingham-native Taylor Hicks patrolled the winner's stage at American Idol. Now the Alabama soul man is getting ready to turn heads again.

Hicks on Broadway

After taking a break from the spotlight for a little bit, Taylor Hicks is starting to make headlines again. He recently announced he's joining the Broadway cast of "Grease." And after touring the world and working on an upcoming album, Hicks is hoping for more than just some "summer lovin’.'"

2006 American Idol win

Taylor Hicks sang "Do I Make You Proud?" right after winning the 2006 American Idol. That was two years ago. The Birmingham-native is back in the studio working on an upcoming album to see if audiences still feel that way. "I've been writing in Nashville with a lot of A-list songwriters for my album which I'm gonna try to release this fall," Hicks said. "I've been able to have the creative control and the time to be able to make a great representation of who I am right now as an artist, a songwriter, and musician."

Where is Hicks right now?

Many fans have been wondering not just who Hicks is right now.... but where he is. It's been about 18 months since his self-titled album was released and earlier this year - he parted ways with his record label - Arista. "It was very mutual. It's just one of those things that happen in the business and the main thing is the music and where the music's going and the fans, and how they respond to the next album. The next album is key."

Hicks said that next album should be ready in the fall. He calls it a snapshot of his current life. "Some of the music that I've really taken to right now and written is about things that have happened right now in my life, friendships, relationships in the past, but a lot of those... and just stories."

Hicks rapping?

Hicks is excited to have plenty of freedom on his sophomore album, which is saying something for a man who once shared the stage with rapper Snoop Dogg, "Rap might not be in my repertoire just yet. Although I have been known to do a little bit of rapping on stage - no rap albums just yet."

Aftermath of an American Idol victory

Hicks said he wishes he could relive his Idol experience, but the show's aftermath was a bit stressful. "Right after you win, they put you on tour and then you have to record a record. What they really want you to do is put the album out, during the time when people are buying records at Christmastime - it completely makes sense, but for a songwriter, and somebody who's creative - it's tough, and there's some pressure."

But now that he's back on an independent label... there's more pressure than ever. "I was very fortunate to get my first record deal with them, but I'm excited about what lies ahead in terms of particular deals and stuff like that. I'm pretty excited about a few things, which I can't tell you about!"

Hicks will play "Teen Angel" in "Grease," starting June 6. In addition to his new album slated for the fall, Hicks has a concert DVD coming out called "Whomp at the Warfield."


Anonymous said...

Soul Thing,
Am I reading your blog right? He has a new label deal?

Trixi said...

Wow...sounds like Taylor is in total control of his life. New things in the works that he can't talk about yet!!! He just loves to tease us!!

The new cd sounds like it is going to kick some major ass. He's been working with "A LIST" writers. Woooo..

I am a little disappointed though.... no rap record yet? Darn!! ha ha

soulthing said...

p - that little comment caught my attention as well. "Back on an independent label". When was he on one before? A bit confusing to say the least. Personally an indie would be just fine with me and I suspect will know in due time. Whatever it is, he seems really happy with it! He's just a little tease is all. Stay tuned!