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Friday, May 30, 2008

Taylor Hicks - *GREASE* Promotional Picture

Click on image for larger version!

Thanks janibeth and tappanga for these promo scans!

Picture courtesy of Grease On Broadway!


sallyannlady said...

I think I've died and gone to heaven........

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome promotional picture! Taylor sure is generating some major buzz with this appearance on Broadway. Smart, smart move on his part to accept this role.

Griz, is that air baloon a picture of CD? If it is, it's frickin hilarious! Where did you get this? You come up with some doozies!


soulthing said...

berney - yes indeedy! That is an air-balloon of baldy. A stricking resemblance, don't ya think? bwawa!

skeeter226 said...

GRIZ...there are just NO WORDS for that DAUGHTRY pic!

GO TAYLOR.. on Broadway! I KNOW he will blow everyone away..I hope I can make a show..I live so close its just..well.....Taylor has just about SHOOK OUT ALL OF MY "POCKET CHANGE" in B'HAM....and it was SO WORTH IT....I have no regrets, just the ONE where I may not be able to see him on Broadway! But I can still live through everyone else, who will be able to enjoy what I KNOW will be a BARN BURNER! Haaaaa...No matter what "they" think they are gonna see.....its going to be that times 10! ONE FAN AT A TIME...as much as I am soooooo disappointed about the WolfTrap cancellation, I can't help but to be happy for him to have this INCREDIBLE experience....It's BROADWAY for goodness sakes (exed out what I REALLY said here)

Candy :-)

skeeter226 said...

INTERESTING to ME....that no one has commented on Taylor cancelling the WOLF TRAP show on your blog.

Maybe people are still stunned and UPSET...like me......but they really have NO PROBLEM whatsoever voicing their FEELINGS, concerns....whatevah! on all the other sites.

Just "interesting" is all I am sayin'

Thanks for what you do!


skeeter226 said...

P.S....PLAY THAT ALABAMA SAXAPHONE JEFF!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh...and then that HOT,HOT,HARP~~HEAVEN....THANKS Taylor, Jeff and Brian!

4Tay said...

I hope to be taking a real picture of that on the marquee on June 8th. Wooo hoo. Nice! Thanks griz, et al.

tishlp said...

That's a wonderful promo picture. I fully expect it to be all over NY, the producers know a winner when they see one. Taylor is so classy and so handsome. But more than than, he is so talented.

Anonymous said...

d = hot air
T = substance

Anonymous said...

Daughtry is one dimensional. He makes a cd, tours it, and then the cycle begins again.

T is using an opportunity offered to him to diversify himself, learn something new. Heck he can make a cd and tour it....we know that! But a person truly looking to be a "career" artist needs to grow and learn and take chances. That's what Taylor is doing. Kudos to T for raising the bar