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Monday, May 5, 2008

Taylor Hicks Picks David Archuleta to Win; Readies for Release of 2 CD Set Of Early Works

According to the Courier-Journal, who is "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks rooting for on this season's show?

"David Archuleta. He kind of reminds me of Wayne Newton. You know, the "Danke Schoen" at (17). He's a young entertainer. (He'll do great) if he could just sustain himself when he tours. From that show, it doesn't necessarily have to be music, it could be film. The show form is television. There could be ample opportunities (for him) in the entertainment industry."

Hicks, meanwhile, will drop a new album this fall; a DVD called "Whomp at the Warfield," a two-disc set of his pre-"American Idol" songs and is planning tours in Asia and Italy.

"I never thought country boy from Alabama could go over to Asia and have a fan base," he said, sipping on a Jack Daniels and 7. "The soul patrol reaches around the globe. It's an international concept."

So I have to assume from this nugget of information that the Early Works CD will include more than "In Your Time" and "Under the Radar" because those two can easily fit on ONE CD (14 songs). What do you suppose the other CD will be? Re-dos? Ain't No Sunshine? Abraham, Martin & John? People Get Ready from the 'Nashville" gig? This may turn out to be one 'hell of a set', eh?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his new CD, his early works double CD and his Whomp DVD will all be released at the same time? Also, Asia and Italy tours are cool, but I hope he does another US tour like last year.

Yes, I agree Griz, please Taylor put Ain't No Sunshine, Abraham Martin and John, People Get Ready, and a few of those awesome Rehearsals cuts like Hollywood Nights - now that was smokin hot!