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Monday, May 12, 2008

Taylor Hicks Display at the Alabama Hall Of Fame Music Unveiled!

Over the weekend, Taylor Hick's exhibit at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame was unveiled to a swarm of fans and family. In attendence were his grandmother Ms. Joni and his younger cousin Morgan. Displayed are Taylor's bathrobe from the 2006 Idol Tour, a set of drum sticks, a signed cow bell, a signed harmonica, the infamous purple jacket from the 2006 American Idol finale, the paisley shirt he wore when he sang "Play That Funky Music White Boy" on American Idol, the tamborine that he played in Seattle (the last concert of his 2007 Spring tour) and a beautifully framed and signed concert picture hanging on the wall.

Thanks to "OldieButGoodie" for these fab pictures of the event!

1 comment:

WOO said...

hmm wonder when AI will break in and take back the robe?! Surely they don't want it in that lovely display....

Thanks for the pics! I originally thought that bright blue was a gym bag lol!