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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks - The Funk Was Missing from American Idol This Year

Part two of WALA's Fox Ten News exclusive interview with Season 5 American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks aired tonight. The interview is below. You can see Part One here.

GULF SHORES, Ala. -- When Birmingham-native Taylor Hicks was singing his soul out on stage in 2006, fans in the Yellowhammer State were screaming out theirs in support. "It just seemed like the momentum was getting bigger and bigger," reflected Hicks. "The Soul Patrol was getting bigger and bigger. The weeks really lined up for me, Elvis week, then Rod Stewart week - some of those variables that allowed my to shine as an artist."

2006 Winner

Shine he did. Hicks claimed the 2006 title in the highest-rated season finale of American Idol to-date - with more than 36-million viewers watching. "It was a fun ride; I'd love to get back on it and do it all over again."

Hicks’ thoughts of Idol judges and host

As Hicks prepares for his role of "Teen Angel" in the Broadway production of "Grease", he reflected on some of the other stars of "American Idol."

Hicks associated the following names, with the following words:

"Simon: Mean. Randy: Cool. Paula: Fun. Seacrest: Smart.

Seacrest is the wittiest guy that I've ever run into. He's so quick, that you're nervous about what you're gonna say around him, because he's got something to say right after you. He's the Dick Clark of our generation."

Not to say Simon Cowell wasn't intimidating. "I must admit - Simon was the same person on camera and off. He has a very good track record of pop music and I respect his opinion, and I thought he was a good guy (wink and laugh)."

Does Cowell have anything other than black shirts to wear? "I tried to send him a Soul Patrol shirt but I think he tried to send it back!" exclaimed Hicks.

Something's missing this season

Hicks said he's been enjoying this season of Idol, but in his opinion - one thing's been missing from the shows. "I just want to see everybody get down on the floor and get funky like I did... but that's just me."

Look out Broadway, because Taylor Hicks is about to bring his Alabama style to the Great White Way.

Hicks' "Grease" Debut

Hicks' "Grease" debut is June 6. He said he'll add a soulful flavor to the song "Beauty School Dropout." Several other Idol artists have performed on Broadway, including season 3 winner Fantasia and season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken.


Trixi said...

Taylor looked and sounded great. Yes, it's hard to believe that it has been two years since his victory.

I watched AI this year because of David Cook!!! (Winner 2008)My hometown boy!! But this has been said a million times. No season will ever match season 5. As much as I like David, his performances still never gave me as many goosebumps that Taylor did, and still continues to do. I watched the video of Taylor winning a few seconds ago...Goosebumps...

They totally broke the mold when they made Taylor. There will only ever be 1 Taylor Hicks.

Someone needs to tell the reporter how to say WHOMP!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the funk is definitely missing on AI.

I just wish Taylor wouldn't have to talk about or be associated with this show anymore. It's obvious they have kicked him to the curb.

I am soo looking forward to his future endeavors - he always keeps us entertained one way or another.


Anonymous said...

One thing AI cannot do is undo history. Taylor won S5 and he will always have that title. They can deny it and try to insinuate that little d was the winner - but it ain't so now is it?

I think Taylor still uses AI to some extent - when he needs to that is! And it's hilarious that he can do this and they can't really do anything about it. LOL

Anonymous said...

AI i'm sure got him the gig at Asian Idol and it has open doors for him so I'm sure he looks at the benefits at times. You sometimes have to take the bad with the good. He did recently do a charity date with Nigel in California so he must be on some kind of terms with them. I just wish the record company would have got him some radio play and pushed a single as that's what he needs is a hit single. Think possitive.