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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Idol Gives Back Stamp Invites You to Stick Hicks

How do you know you've gotten a letter from a member of the Soul Patrol? Because this guy on the right is grinning at ya from the corner of the envelope. The latest issue in the Idol Gives Back limited-edition stamp collection is Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks, and TVGuide.com has been offered this sneak peek at his postage. Previous reveals included Idols Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia and Carrie. Only 2,000 of each stamp are being made available per state.

The books of stamps are available for purchase at PhotoStamps.com, with $10 of the above-face-value price going to Idol Gives Back's charity efforts.

Source: TV Guide

Well I'll take a mention on the TV Guide website pimping the Taylor Hicks stamp! Yes-sir-ree bob! I'll even take that minuscule mention on Wednesday's results show about the stamp. What did Ryan say? You can now lick and send Taylor? Now THAT sounds like something I could do - probably the only shot I'll have to lick him in my lifetime. Hell ya! GAH! I digress - the piece lasted about 5 seconds so I couldn't really digest what was actually said and I have no interest in re-watching it either. The show makes my stomach curdle but I'm sure whatever was said was derogatory in nature...knowing their past shenanigans.

That said, I really enjoyed seeing Mr. Bo Bice on the show tonight. He and Taylor were the only two people who ever interested me enough to pick up a phone and vote.

This season would end on an upnote for me if our soulman delivers next week in person. Hold on to your seats, kiddies - this may get interesting!


Trixi said...

Actually they were civil to Taylor last night. Showed a picture of one of the stamps, and as you said Ryan said "here's your chance to lick Taylor"! Nothing more said.

Bo ROCKED the house last night. Witness is one of my fav's from his recent CD. It is a great Cd if you like southern rock. This is the kind of music that Bo is supposed to be making. He even gets a dig into AI in the credits on his Cd. It says "thanks to his new label for letting him make Bo's kind of music." or something to that affect.

juliegr said...

Nice photos on the stamps. AMAZING! Guess they are glad to use the "untouchables" when it can help the "charitable" organization. Otherwise, the names can't even be spoken. How transparent can you get?

Thanks for the notice about the mention in TVGuide.com -- I'll be sure to take a look.